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I would like to see you play your cards
Reveal your hands and show your heart
Maybe we could get it back
With truth and honesty, that’s what we need to hold on
To the good stuff we believe in
Before we land up loose, and sad, and free
Before we find that it’s gone

“You’ve had something to hide”

“Information lines your pockets, and you refuse to expose it.”

“There was a time where withholding a secret may have been satisfying. Afterall, there’s great power in knowing something that others do not.

“But as we all begin to learn about the things that you’ve consciously kept to yourself for so long – things that, if revealed, could ultimately save lives and the face of Arcadia – you’re starting to feel the heat of it all.”

“You were offered advice from an authority that could have kept you safe and protected – but focused on your own policies with a threatened right hand. You chose hostility when a sense of civility was offered to you and turned a blind eye towards truth and honesty.”

“But, I believe there’s still a chance for you.”

“A chance for you to recognize that the information you choose to disclose not only worsens the situation for others, but also for you, Attano.”

“Because until you set yourself free of what ultimately binds you, there will always be an alibi. You will remain just as much of a public enemy as the ones you’re attempting to conceal – in fact, that is all that you will be.”

“And in the end, it will be the most wicked that will be nodding their head in approval.”

“It will be the rest of us, who realize where all of your truth and honesty lies.”

“Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way at all.”

“In fact, you can bring your reputation right back to where it belongs and join me, as a man of the people – not against them – by listening to your heart instead of their mouths.”

“You can find Harold Attano deep down inside, if you just let go of your pride and look for him.”

“Once that happens, you’ll notice that he’s quite different in comparison to whomever you’ve become.”

“He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves, because he’s got nothing to hide. Nothing to conceal.” 

“He wants the best for Arcadia, and for its people. He never wanted to see Ramsey have to go through what he did, and knows that he likely could have prevented all of that by simply telling his story.”

“Because it’s his story that ultimately plays savior.”

Your story, if you want it back, Mr. Attano.”

“Ms. Franklin may be long gone now, but her message means more than ever before – and it’s time for you to listen to it.”

“But that’s ultimately your choice. If you opt to not play your cards, then the game will continue as it has.”

“But without truth and honesty, the game will not end in your favor.”

Truth and Honesty – YouTube

Albert Lamplight