True Facts

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

I’ve never been fond of photographs, they can twist memory, create false propoganda and can make the greatest tale fantastical in a world that needs legends.

But sometimes they’re all the proof you need to sort fiction from reality, even when everyone else believes in the lies.

There was once a little boy who believed that Arcadia was paradise on earth.

He was loved, protected and cared for his entire existence.

The boy did occasionally wonder about those less fortunate but such thoughts were erased by the lies of those he trusted the most and the reassurances of the only god he knew.

Who swore his family would thrive in edens garden for as long as they wanted to.

One night, he invited the entire family for a wonderful feast and took a rare photo with the son and his father, three beaming smiles immortalized in simple paper forevermore.

The next day his bubble crumbled as they were cast down from upon high into the reality of what this world is.

It’s a tale many have told, of those close to Zeus who were cast out for many a reason but not many can say they were wiped from history.

If you asked which of the Pantheon helped craft Olympus, you’d get a confused shrug because they had forgotten the architect Jackson. The big man would swear they never existed in the first place and the world would agree.

Because it’s the victors that rewrite history to their own benefit and it’s scum like you Colt that perpetuate their lies.

You claim to write for truth and justice but why does no one still know who tried to murder Zeus and Doom when the whispers tell of you being right there with them?

Why are you coming for the throat of a good man like Chiba when there’s a thousand darkened souls you could bring into the light?

You’re nothing but a puppet Colt, a propaganda pumper to shine their lies out into the general public, who speaks pure drivel and proclaims it fact because it’s printed on paper.

Hell it’s men like you who perpetuate this falsehood of who my father is. Everytime I get dragged through the mud for not being ready, I’m compared to the great Hero of Arcadia.

Maxwell Ryjin was a great man, an inspiration for sure and I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for him but he damn sure wasn’t my father. Yet that’s the narrative Zeus gives out to the masses through lapdogs like you.

Because it’s easy to sell the kid of a hero trying to live up to his legacy and it’s easier to bury the man coming for vengeance for the erasure of his families entire existence.

Sometimes I nearly believe it myself but then I look at that photograph, that one snapshot in time that tells the absolute truth.

It’s time to give the people what they truly want Colt, not a hack journalist whose words aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

But a man with a message of Faith that will always overwhelm any narrative they try to create.