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Trophy Hunting

“There exist two different kinds of hunters in Arcadia. There are those that kill for sport, and those that hunt in order to survive.”

“In the Groves, there were two hunters. The first one was a human that was looking for another head to mount on their wall. The second was a wolf that was searching for food for its cub.”

“One morning, while the wolf was out hunting for food, the trophy hunter spotted the cub resting a few yards ahead of them. Thinking the little one’s head would make for a nice mantlepiece, they proceeded to creep up on the young one in hopes of killing it in its sleep.”

“Taking out their knife, they slowly attempted to grab the cub to slit its throat. Little did they know that papa wolf came back from their hunt empty handed and saw their cub in danger.”

“With a snarl, the wolf lunged at the hunter and bit their neck, puncturing their jugular. The human’s last moments alive saw them bleeding out in the Groves, their body being made food for the cub.”

“Once the cub ate enough to live another day, the wolves left to find a new resting place, allowing the birds to take care of the rest.”

“Have you ever experienced such a hunt, Luther? The kind where you hunted for a young pup and ended up having to deal with a pissed off papa wolf?”

“No, I don’t think you have. You might be a decorated killer, but you’ve never truly dealt with a papa wolf that would do anything to protect its cub. Especially not one that’s been stolen right before its very eyes.”

“But you’re about to. I’m that pissed off wolf who had his cub taken from him, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes it get him back.”

“Even if that means I have to rip you to shreds in order to get him back.”

“You’re the next most likely person that would take my son. If I find out that he’s trapped in your hunting grounds, I’m going to maul you like only a wild wolf can.”

“If I find out James is dead, you’re going to suffer just like he did. Every method you use to hurt him with, I’ll hurt you with. Only it will be much more painful because I won’t let you die. Someone who’ll do my boy wrong doesn’t deserve such mercy.”

“Despite any glee I’ll take in hunting you down, I’m not doing it for sport. I’m doing it because it’s necessary.”

“I’ve done many things in order to ensure me and my son’s survival. And if eliminating you from not only Ring King, but any further competition in OSW will guarantee our safety, then by Zeus, I’ll do it.”

“I’m going to maul you, Grim. When our fight is over, you’re going to wish you never even thought of hunting my boy. Be careful underestimating how ferocious papa wolf can be. You just might get burned.”