In Promo by Pyre

The Trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The centerpiece of Christianity.

See, the Father came first. He’s the Old Testament asshole god, the one that demanded sacrifice and would bring a storm down on the whole world because people took something from him. Without him, there’d be no religion.

Centuries later, no one gave a fuck about the Father. They used his name to perpetrate some evil shit. So here comes the Son. Everyone thinks he’s all about love and shit, but they didn’t listen to his words.

From the very beginning, he told them that they were destined to die when he burned down the world they lived in. He didn’t come to save them, he came to create a whole new world. They killed him for it, but he rose right the fuck back up.

The Holy Spirit came last, and he changed the game, all anyone had to do was let him in. They get down on their knees and cry out for him to enter them, but the moment life goes sour, they wonder where he went.

They just didn’t get it. They didn’t understand the doom that the Son had told them about from the very beginning.

It’s a lot like OSW.

See, Hollywood’s the daddy around here. He paved the way for us all, unleashing a mighty Tempest on all of you, doing this shit right before anyone figured out how to do it. But then you dismissed him as outdated.

Yet here he is.

Zero came around last, the Holy Fucking Spirit. You can put emphasis on whichever of those words you want, ya dig?

But when he showed up, with the World Wide Web at his fingertips, everyone wanted a piece. They beg for his help, then act confused when all you’re left with is a reamed asshole and empty hands.

What about me, you ask?

They’ve thrown me in prison, tried to silence me. All because they fear me, what I can do, and who I am.

Because I’m the Son.

Every single goddamned time you try to kill me, I rise back up again. Because my new world is coming, and you’re not a part of it.

See, Daddy Luke didn’t stop conquering. Big Z didn’t stop changing the whole fucking game.

And I sure as hell haven’t stopped flipping OSW upside down.

The Trinity is here now, united, and you will pay for not heeding the Son’s words.

My words.

At Invasion, my hour finally came as I proved I am the pinnacle of OSW.

The Bad Mother Fuckers are creating a new world, and every one of you will be staring up at us, your broken bodies forming a funeral pyre to the OSW that came before.

You were warned. I told you, first thing, that I was coming to burn all this to the fucking ground.

So please, get down on your knees and pray in my name. Plead for your lives, pray for your sacred stars, your legends, every inch of cherished ground beneath your feet. Because when you do, there’s only thing I will say.