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Toxic Love

Toxic Love

There’s a rare occurrence in this world when you meet that one person who changes your life forever.

They squirm under your skin, modify your very dna and become bound to you like blood.

Love and hate becomes mere obsolete terms as despite everything, despite your very reason, you need them like you need to breath.

Even more then my wife, Dave was that person.

The very first moment we locked eyes a whole new world opened.

We believed it mere hatred, two dominating forces opposing one another

But as the hatred grew and grew, it became something more.

Something that wouldn’t fade away, not through time or loss of memory or even forgiveness.

Destined to do this forever, to burn the world away together.

But somewhere along the line, I began to care far more then he ever did.

And like a jealous lover, I lashed out in rage. I tried to show the world who he truly was, the demon that knew was inside his soul.

In revenge, he made me a slave who watched every person I had left slowly wither away from the poison in his soul.

Forced me to break the last promise to an angel as he strapped a mask of vengeance to my brain.

And smiled with glee at the tears in my eyes as he forced me to watch the last good part of me die.

I despised his very presence but I was trapped, an unwilling puppet to the man I would’ve walked into hell itself for.

Feel familiar Impaler or has Chronoa have you so wrapped around that little finger of hers you can’t see straight?

Whatever fleeting synnful souls that flitted from the mind of the man I once knew, I only pit the pathetic figure in front of me.

Terrified to remove the mask that gives you power but powerless to remove the chain of fate from around your neck.

You were the pathetic mark from the moment she laid eyes on you, a curiosity for her to indulge in.

A dimwitted monster that walked right into her trap with no regard for anything but power.

Because you can blame the Harbringers hold over your soul.

You can blame the darkness itself corrupting that second rate mask

But you’ve always been able to walk away Impaler, you’re just terrified too.

Because by her side, you feel invincible. Without her, you fear you’ll be nothing.

But it’s better to be powerless and free then an immortal locked in his own cage.

I remember the night I knew the truth, when even vengeance couldn’t stop me from seeing into his soul

And seeing nothing but the scum ridden cunt he’d always been.

I’d have died that way a thousand times with a smile on my face because I dragged that asshole into the abyss where he belongs.

So rip those chains off Impaler, show that bitch the monster she made.

Or follow her path and be just another slave to the poison of fate.

Jensen Cussen