Tower Block

In Promo by Wiz

Three adventurous entrepreneurs come together on one fateful evening in Encino, with no other intention but to vibe until the sun went down.

But, deep down inside, something fucking magical happened.

They built something that people were interested in.

Lovers arrived, and so did the haters – and they all stood there with their arms folded while these boys continued to grow.

And that was because we were opened minded as fuck, ya’dig? Did we let the man throw us over his goddamn knee? No, we listened. 

How uncanny an idea was that? To listen to someone who just may know the bigger picture.

Because that’s what we’re all here for, right? The bigger picture, baby.

And through a convergence of great ideas birthed from great minds, what was built became an empire.

But you have the jealous, well-established folk coming in with their arms in the air, because they can’t tolerate the fact that someone else might be just a little bit more hip than they are.

I’m not saying it, they are.

I’m saying it.

They march up to this empire – and I mean, it looks like the size of the Empire State Building – and they are threatening us and trying to use all of the muscle that they can hire to push us off of the map – their map, if you ask these fucks – but Simon? You turned us into the goddamn skyscraper that we are.

Skymotherfuckingscraper. Just skinning clouds before they can get a good cry out, ya’dig?

So these motherfuckers, you know what they have to do?

They gotta look as far up as they possibly can.

And they’re gonna have to squint those eyes as tight – and maybe then…

These leather-clad motherfuckers can somehow conquer our ascent.

There’s a thing about ascension though – shit don’t stop.

You think all we want to do is just scrape the clouds? Do you not see what kind of power Simon demonstrated on the likes of what’s supposed to be a World Champion? There’s no stopping true momentum, and it can only get higher from here.

That’s right, Pyre – this bitch is going straight to space so that your fire is as effective as my uncle’s genitals.

And I’m not here to prove that I’m better than you, Luke – No, we’re just gonna keep building and building at a rate of acceleration that much younger you could have potentially kept up with. Now? You’re just part of the rest of the crowd, man – in looking down at you, it’s kind of disgraceful.

And I don’t mean any disrespect.

I mean all of it.

You dig why though. right? It’s because for some God-forsaken reason, ya’ll’ can’t get over the scents of our asses. We are here to build – and with Simon, we’ve created something bigger than even we thought was impossible.

But it isn’t – it’s right here.

And yall’ are going to keep trying to bring her down?

We were three lost boys.

For how we’ve treated it? It should be down.

But it isn’t – and your abuse will never match the fucking shit the four of us have seen.

So come with it, motherfuckers.