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To Kill a Muse

“When I was younger, my dad shared a tale of an artist that suffered from terrible artist’s block.”

“He was tasked to fill his gallery with fresh and beautiful works before the day of his showcase. Unfortunately for him, that day was fast approaching and he had nothing to show for it.”

“Frustrated, he went for a walk through the Groves to clear his mind. While doing so, he happened to spot an animal that captured his attention.”

“It was a majestic creature, one that could only be imagined in dreams. The artist was awestruck at the sight of the beast that he wanted to capture its beauty before anyone else could.”

“He led the animal back to his studio, where he promptly killed it and used its fur, bones, organs, and blood to create numerous pieces for his gallery.”

“The people loved his works. The critics adored them just as much. They clamored for more arrangements like the ones he made on the double.”

“What the creator didn’t know was that the animal he just slaughtered happened to be the last female of its kind. With the males being more hideous than the females and unable to breed, he inadvertently drove his muse to extinction.”

“As a result, the artist was unable to provide the people with what they wanted, fading into obscurity not too long afterwards.”

“Now that I’m older, I’m noticing another artist that is in danger of wiping out his kind of muse before they can repopulate.”

“You like people with hearts of gold, right Jasper? They’re quite a rare find here in Arcadia, so rare that they might as well be near extinct.”

“To you, they make the most beautiful works of art. You’ve done your best to capture their beauty as your own before anyone else could taint them into banal crooks and monsters.”

“Jackson Cade happens to be one of those with a heart of gold that inspires you to make something beautiful out of his flesh and organs. You didn’t want the APD to turn him into another corrupt cop, so you took him and plan on killing him to preserve said beauty.”

“But what will happen if you do kill the little Eagle? You’ll have to find another muse that possesses a heart like his, and that will be no easy task.”

“You’ve practically killed all those with a pure soul already, Redgrave. You never gave them a chance to repopulate, and the ones that fit your criteria are almost extinct now.”

“Sooner, not later, you’ll be struck with artist’s block once again. Only by the time it comes to haunt you, you won’t be able to overcome it.”

“In your desperation, you’ve turned to me for potential inspiration. However, you won’t get your next work of art out of me.”

“I’m no majestic creature with a heart of gold. I’m a monster that’s just waiting to unleash a raging inferno within your gallery, turning your most precious artworks into ash.”