In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

[We open at an undisclosed location, where Harold Attano sits on box as he pulls a pocket watch from the inner pocket of jacket. Mr. Nobody stares at it for a moment before looking up and directly toward the camera.] 

Time, some say it doesn’t exist, you know all the false construct bullshit. Deathrow taught me time, most certainly does indeed exist, and you can lose it.” 

[Harry glances back down at the timepiece and then his stare returns. A sly smirk on his face, as if he’s pieced together information.] 

“Jackson you’re seeking information about your brother because you, like me, understand it’s only a matter of time. You know he’s down there. Rotting away on Deathrow, and you want to know… what?” 

[Attano shakes his head and scoffs as he tosses the watch in his hand twirling it around by its chain expertly.] 

“How to rescue him? Fat chance. Now Max Meadows is running the show. He may be a sadistic fuck, but I’ll say this, he’s efficient. You want to figure out how to get down there with him? Keep shooting up the public, you’ll be there soon enough. Or…” 

[Mr. Nobody snatches the watch from the air, smiling wide, and you could almost see the lightbulb over his head.] 

“You know the timetable has accelerated. Your desperation makes it extremely apparent, but what’s changed Cade? What’s new? Has someone gone down to Deathrow your brother should worry about?” 

[As these words exit Harold’s mouth, he begins to chuckle. Not maliciously or sadistically. No, a chuckle of actualization.] 

“Really, Jackson you’re a dumb fuck. First you and Robo-Dick beat down my door, you haul me off in irons, falsely imprison me, you attempt to blackmail me, point a gun at me, and then shoot a civilian when I defend myself. You do realize there was an easier way…  

[Harry’s slightly jovial mood dissipates a bit as becomes more serious as his timepiece is now clutched in his hands as he gesticulates.]    

“Outside of my previous life, I’m a pretty normal guy, and just off of Deathrow. I’m not averse to some company. You obviously found out where I live. You could’ve been a normal person, shown up with some hooch, asked to sit down at my table, and fucking asked.”    

[Mr. Nobody opens the watch again and stares into the look on his face becoming dire.] 

“However, in doing everything you could’ve done in the most wrong way possible, you’ve doomed your brother and you’ve… well… cut your time very short, too. Especially after trying to blackmail and shoot me. There’s now no way to counteract this Jackson, no way for you to make this right by me. Perseus, you can call me the son of Proteus, look it up, you’ll get it.” 

[Harold continues to stare at his watch a slight twinge of remorse flashing across his face.] 

“I understand it’s your brother and maybe if I had a brother, I might do the same. However, you tried to leave me as a body. So now my Odyssey is to make sure your time runs out and leave no body.