‘Til Death.

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

Even down in The Slums, love can reach its peak.

When two people love each other just enough, they finally agree to come together in the act of marriage.

A wedding down there is a bit different from ones you see elsewhere in Arcadia.

It’s not nearly as fancy, but the core of the ceremony is still there.

The couple is presented before a group of witnesses from their friends and family.

They meet in front of an officiant who guides them through the process.

The lovers then share an exchange of words, promising to stick by their partners forever.

In the best and worst of times, through thick and thin.

To have and to hold.

‘Til death do they part.

And in the end, they seal the deal with an exchange of gifts…and a kiss.

The officiant pronounces the marriage as official, and the guests cheer on the newlywed couple as they head home.

Eager to make good on their promise to love each other forever, no matter what.

Thus beginning a whole new chapter in their lives.

A chapter that doesn’t always play out so smoothly.

Some couples hold true to their promise, staying by each other’s side.

But others fall apart the moment a wedge is driven between them.

What starts as a small crack only grows larger until it falls apart.

The marriage comes crumbling to its end, forcing the couple to reconsider their entire oath.

They may not be dead, but their love sure is.

And there was a time when the pairing of O’Death seemed like the best power couple in all of Arcadia.

People look at them in awe as they parade around with those Tag Team Championships.

The symbol of their exchange of vows to each other.

A promise to stand by each other’s side through the best and worst of times.

To be there through thick and thin, to have and hold…’til death do they part.

And this couple sure has been through the wringer in recent months, have they not?

Every marriage comes into a time of trial, and theirs has arrived right on cue.

How big is the wedge being driven between O’Death, you ask?

Why, it’s the size of the OSW World Championship!

El Mariachi Muerte did the seemingly unthinkable, toppling the Mad Scientist for the prize…and you can see the jealousy in the Luchadoc’s beady little eyes.

And it’s tearing their marriage apart.

So, a new power couple arrives, ready to be wed.

Colt Ramsey and Narcissa Balenciaga, a new force to be reckoned with in Arcadia.

As the storybook dream of O’Death comes crumbling apart, Pretty Ugly seeks to make their own exchange of wedding vows.

To stand by each other through the good and bad.

To have and to hold.

‘Til death do we part.

And when our wedding is done, we will gladly accept your gift to us, O’Death.

The OSW Tag Team Championship.

And you will give the newlywed couple what they want.