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There is a cave that leads deep into the heart of a snow-covered mountain…and inside, a seed has been planted.

This seed manages to blossom, despite the harsh conditions surrounding it, as if touched by a divine spark to bloom.

And so, it begins to grow into a plant…a vine, branching out until it reaches the walls of its surroundings.

And then, it begins to make progress toward the mouth of the cave, as if trying to escape the confines to the outer surface.

Where it can truly take root and manifest itself.

A chance to thrive beyond its limitations.

And, to a point, it achieves some success.

Growing all along the walls of the cave, the vine slowly reaches the point where the light shines in.

It can just about sense the freedom awaiting it as it continues its journey.

And then, disaster strikes.

An earthquake shakes throughout the mountain, threatening to bring the cave walls crashing down…and with it, the vine’s chance of survival.

Suddenly, snow starts filtering into the mouth of the cave.

Quickly filling in the gap, and cutting the vine off at the pass.

By the time it’s all said and done, this avalanche has saved the structure of the cave…for now.

But that vine becomes frozen over by the sudden influx of the snow…and it can thrive no longer.

And now, it lays dormant, trying not to wither away.

Trapped in the tundra.

Its divine spark snuffed out by the very conditions that brought life to it.

Is that not what it means to be a demigod, Banzan?

That somewhere deep inside is a divine spark, a seed of your true power just waiting to blossom?

Spreading from within the Indestructible Mountain, trying to break out from within.

Drawing from the wellspring to fuel its growth.

Looking to reach the surface, where it can fully manifest into whatever you choose it to be.

To push past the limitations of a mere mortal.

But a disaster awaits you, O great demigod.

You cannot stop the sheer might of the earthquake that’s coming.

Because ol’ Simon knows how to shake things up.

The snow will come pouring in thick and fast, cutting that power off at the pass.

The walls will come crumbling down, crushing that vine into the ground.

And then, there won’t be a wellspring to draw from.

No chance for that power to truly thrive.

Just a pile of dirt, snow, and disappointment.

That power will be put to rest, forced to lay dormant.

Frozen over by the cold reality of your mortality.

Trapped deep inside a Mountain that won’t be nearly so indestructible.

And when I’ve put a stopper on that, you will be at my mercy.

Push back as you might, Banzan, you will bend to my will soon enough.

Because I have the power it takes to level an entire Mountain.

I am not afraid to bring the whole thing down.

Because destroying the indestructible?

That’s what makes me thrive.