Three Rings

In Promo by Sir Bellator

An ancient and powerful ring was passed from generation to generation.

Saying to possess great power, the bearer of the ring would accomplish great things and find favour in the eyes of the Lord. But when one such bearer of the ring came time to pass onto his own children, he could not decide which of the three to give it. Nor did he want to part with it himself.

So he had three exact replicas made. Perfect replicas in every conceivable way, yet ultimately powerless. Three beautiful, yet ultimately useless rings.

He gave a replica of the ring to each child, telling them that with the ring’s power they too would accomplish great things.

And yet they continued to falter and fail.

None of the three knew why, for they each believed they possessed the true ring. Each laid claim to why they had succeeded more than the others. Only, none of the three truly ever possessed the ring. In truth, the ring had long since become lost to the ages.

None of the children could claim its power.

Your story, Jet Set Radio, is one of promised greatness. Simon is he who held the ring, he who spoke the greatness into being and created you. It is through his vision that you appeared in our halls, boasting bold claims of the wonders that you could achieve.

Yet, Simon has long since lost his ring in his hubris and ego. He claims to steer you into greatness, yet all you’ve been given are silver tongued replicas of promises. False rings, pretending to be the real deal. You’ve each had your chance to prove your greatness.

You’ve each been given your ring and lain claim to the greatness that your Blackhart master spoke. And each of you have faltered and squandered every chance you have been given.

You failed time and time again to claim your gold off BMF.

At every twist and turn, your plans have fallen down.

Even you, Wiz, who managed to scale the heights enough to claim the Rewind Championship… Managed to lose it again the very first time you defended it.

Face it. The rings you have been granted are nothing but useless replicas. And it’s time to stop brandishing them around like they mean something.

Vayikra are the ones who find favour in the eyes of the Lord, and we need no rings to get it.

We have proved our greatness over you before, and we will prove it once more. For while you obsess over the supposed power you possess at your fingertips, under Simon’s shadow, we are not burdened by the shadow of our leader.

It is Solomon’s shadow that guides us, in solidarity towards the greatness we seek.

The Lord favours those who seek his glory.

We will see the fruition of our favour when Yahweh rises once more. All JSR will see is their own foolishness lain out before them once again.

Foolish children from a foolish master, brandishing foolish rings made of fools gold.

Fiat. Let it be done.