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There’s Something About Narcissa: An Editorial

There’s Something About Narcissa: An Editorial

Greetings, Arcadians!

The People’s Voice will be heard, and no broken press or destroyed publication can stop that—so I come to you with this letter, written by my own hand, to announce before all of our great Arcadia:

There’s something about Narcissa.

As a journalist I have done my due diligence, looked into every nook and cranny of bureaucratic nonsense, and have discovered with my own eyes some glimpse of the truth—and I was punished for it. Meddled with, forced to comply with something I had no control over. Treated as a pet, expected to obey without understanding.

And after what felt like forever of being caught in the throes of passion, I have been made acutely aware of the reality just on the other side of the veil–and it is NOT pretty. No, it is downright ugly—and I hold Narcissa Balenciaga entirely to blame for it. I was already previously aware of another life buried deep within, but I had no idea just how much of a mess it was until the digging started.

And now? Narcissa wants to hide that truth from you, the people. We can’t have that, can we?

No, I think the truth is far too important to keep buried. So, Arcadians, grab your shovels and walk with me on this journey! Let us uncover the truth together, as one Voice ringing out in the silence, demanding what we deserve.


Tell me, Narcissa, why are you so adamant to hide the truth of your past? Why must you insist on keeping your previous life hidden away, knowing full well it’s already come back to bite you where it hurts most?

Is it love? Is it duty? Or is it simply selfishness?

I’ve seen firsthand how you handle love, Narcissa. You push away those that would express so much as a smidge of affection–so it can’t be that. As for duty? Well, you’ve made it abundantly clear where you truly stand—wherever the path is least resistant.

So it’s selfishness, then.

For all the time I’ve spent with you, it seems this is the core of your very being. The way I see it, you do not care about Zeus, the Uprising, or even Arcadia—you are out for you and you alone. Well, “Narcy doll,” consider this not the warning of a jilted lover but of a man bent on uncovering the truth you’ve tried to bury.

I know you are going to HATE what comes up—and that is going to bring me joy. A man of my ilk is not afforded the opportunity to experience true enjoyment often, Narcissa, but knowing what’s to come?

It puts a smile on this man’s face.

Because this journey not only condemns YOU but it frees ME. Secrets about your past were locked away in my mind, as punishment for the apparent crime of knowing too much—and soon, the people will know what I know.

They WANT to know.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want!

Colt Ramsey