The Well

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

Brethren, let me tell you a tale about the boy and the well.

There was once a great and mighty well that provided fresh, clean water for the people. The sustenance was in abundance, and the people were happy…until a very naughty boy came around.

This was a child with a small view of the world around him. He could see the benefit of what the well provided, but could not understand the importance of keeping it pure…untainted. Instead, the boy wanted a taste of the bountiful water for himself…so he approached the well with a bucket of his own.

Thirsty for what the well could give him, he carefully tied the nearby rope to his bucket, slowly bringing it down to where the water laid still. He could feel his thirst grow…and as it did, his grip on the rope loosened. Without realizing it, the rope slipped completely from his grasp, dropping the bucket into the water…a sad turn of events, but not compared to what was to come.

For this child, so desperate for the water and to retrieve his vessel, leaned over as far as he could, with the hope of grabbing a piece of rope lodged in the stone wall. Failing to meet it with even his fingertips, he began to climb the side of the well to get a better grip…but his balance gave out. Before he knew it, the boy fell headfirst into the well…saved by the deep waters, but trapped by his foolishness.

Such is the consequence of an invasion, Destructo Boy. I see a child who knows not how important the well of Zion’s truth is to his people…just that he desires a taste of it for himself. Why else would you come barging into our Church, spreading your lies to us?

Some would see it as a distasteful poison, tainting the water that we thrive upon…but I see it simply as a desperate reach for salvation. You want these waters to purify you, and yet you’ve fallen headfirst into the well.

And that leaves me with a choice, child. I could leave you in that well, make you come to grips with just how foolish you’ve been…or I can toss you a lifeline by which to rescue you. I’m a forgiving man, Destructo Boy, so I am willing to give you mercy…that is, so long as you want to be saved.

The rope I hand you for salvation can just as easily be twisted into a noose by which to hang you. My mercy is not to be trifled with, Boy…or you will suffer the consequences. Your salvation comes at a cost, but know this…the cost of denial is far greater.

This well is where I found Zion’s truth…my truth…so the responsibility of protecting it is mine for the taking. Best believe I will stop all invading forces from destroying the sanctity of its sustenance…including you, if I must.

That is what Zion asks of me, and I will deliver.