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The Wave

The Wave

There is a belief among men that they were blessed by God to have free will.

They believe that by providence they are afforded the right to steer their lives, like ships, towards whichever horizons they so desire.

In many ways, man is exactly right. They may fly the flags of their choosing and fuck who they want, build or destroy, start families, start churches, start business, or burn all of it down and light the match themselves.

Man views himself as the captain of his own ship.  He views himself as the man who sees the stars and charts his course by their light. And me hearty, every good ship stays true to that course when the waters are calm.

But there are times, me hearty, when the waters are cruel. Times when he does not get to choose.

When the winds blow a cursed fate.

When the water swells back and collects itself into a force greater than man could ever be.

When a giant wave comes from seemingly out of nowhere, and there is no escape.

When a man’s fate is decided for him.

Not even the greatest of captains can steer a ship through a wave that’s big enough to guarantee his shift in fate, me hearty.

And times like that are when man learns that the free will granted to him by providence is limited. That there are forces greater than him at work.

Whether that be stage four cancer, or a fatal wreck, or a family member’s passing…

…or a crooked fate, in the deepest waters, making one’s home in the locker.

I know you, Cael.

Your entire career in OSW has felt like a series of waves that have interrupted you controlling your own fate.

You have endured multiple hurts and betrayals, none of them you chose, none of them were charted by your own eyes, in accordance with your own compass and your own view of the stars.

It has made you rebellious.

It’s why you betrayed me.

It’s why you joined a cult.

But you need to open your eyes, me hearty.

And you need to stare at the giant wall of water blocking out your horizon and charging towards you faster than you can outrun it.

Your death comes, laddy.

…Or your eternal life.

You see, Carl. You are in a most envious position.

You, like anyone else, cannot stop the wave.

But unlike everyone else, you get to determine what that wave yields as its result.

I implore you, friend.

I implore you to carefully consider your options. For the wave is coming and I promise you Cael, it is larger and faster than you can possibly imagine. It cannot be avoided. It cannot be denied.

The choice in death and eternal life ain’t a choice at all, Carl.

Lay down your captain’s hat and end your stubborn folly.

Choose to continue on far beyond the crashing of that great wave into your bow.

Choose eternal life.

Choose to become the Nekken.

Israel Grimwolf