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The Walls

Harold Attano opens the door to his home a sledgehammer in his hand.  He appears calm but to the trained eye rage is brewing beneath the surface as we hear his inner monologue. 

“I have helped Zeus knock down each wall one after the other.  I asked for an out after he gave me a task even Ares thought impossibleBrick by brick, body by body, the empire that is Arcadia stands because of my work.”          

Harold locates a large table, pulls it away from the wall it stands in front of, and swings his hammer against it. 


The sound of metal striking concrete rings out.   

“I have fought every monster laid before me, and they’ve all fallen sooner or later.  Every barrier in front of me has crumbled into not more than dust at my feet.  But there’s an obstruction in the way, I’m not allowed to drop it.  I actively must keep others away from it.  Even when I know continuing to let it stand only fortifies it. 


The wall cracks as we hear The Ghost grunt with exertion actively trying to suppress his anger. 

“The question is, do I continue to listen, or do I just start remodeling Arcadia dropping every barrier that poses a threat as… they… stand?  A complete teardown, every monster, every man that’s ever threatened, or otherwise fucked with our little slice of the universe.”   


Harold lets out a guttural scream of anger and frustration as the hammer passes through, and Attano begins to scoop away the rubble revealing a safe before he turns to face us, anger gone, replaced with resolve before speaking out loud. 

“All it takes is the right tool to bring down every wall that stands before me.” 

Harold steps to the safe and deftly opens it as if he’d never locked it, a door just waiting for its master to beckon it open. 

“And if you think the only obstructions that stand as a threat to Arcadia is the Uprising well, you’re sleeping. But don’t worry, the Arcadian Ghost is always awake. Apokalypsis may think that no one was watching but where there are shadows Nobody lurks.” 

Attano steps back revealing a cache of weapons from melee to firearms.     

“With these tools, I can take down the cells that threaten to suffocate Arcadia will be reduced to sand in the hands of Nobody. This week I take out the biggest wall that makes up the house of Apokalypsis, I start the work and yeah, they may rebuild you Drewitt but you know Nobody will always be there waiting to tear you down…” 

Mr. Nobody begins loading his weapons on his person. 

“Again and again, Nobody will tear you down. You will be a wall that I will not allow to stand, an example to the rest of your house and the Uprising. Your demolition will signal to the Arcadia that Mr. Nobody is back, and he’s done patching walls he’s back breaking them down.”

Attano finally checks the chamber of his gun before allowing it to slam closed.


Harold Attano