The Truth lies Within

In Promo, Victor Doom by Victor Doom

From the very apex of Olympus to the darkest corners of the Burrows, from the sinners to the saints, the predators and the prey. From the scared little girl holding her teddy bear tight wishing the monster would vanish even for one night to the almighty omnipotent Gods themselves, there’s a theme that punctures throughout the soul of Arcadia and reveals its darkest, deepest fears. 

Generational trauma is a bitch and it makes everyone single person doomed to live here much worse then they were meant to be. Some of us more then others. 

And you and I Joey, I once thought we were alike.

It’s funny what you hear in the darkness all alone, the tales of a young man falsely imprisoned, abandoned by any who used to care for him. Thrown into the deepest, darkest pit imaginable as they hoped he’d just fade away or be torn to shreds by the wolves.

You adapted and evolved though CJ, you survived and thrived through it all just like I did. Did you think it was coincidence the first time I showed my face Meadows was inches away from ending your life?

No I saw in you a kindred spirit, someone else who was abandoned by those we thought loved us, someone else who deserved a chance to confront them and ask why. 

So why do you keep looking in the wrong direction?

You heard the tales as well I did, of the lone officer who never gave up hope. Who risked his image, his way of life, his very existence on the thin rumor of your survival, who nearly died trying to find a way to bring you home.

As much as Hera has poisoned your mind, as much as you two are fighting a gods war on either sides, your brother isn’t the enemy.

The two people who hurt us the most is the two who gave us life. 

If your legendary father loved you so much, why did you take the fall? If he cared about his younger son so badly, why did you nearly die in the darkness a ghost?

Our fathers threw us away like trash and I’m the only one brave enough to acknowledge it.

Because I was wrong about you CJ. We’re nothing alike. Because in the darkness, trapped and oppressed, everyone looks the same.

It’s when they’re free in the light that reveals the truth, and you’re one of two men.

A pathetic fool who’s supped at Heras poisoned teet for so long you believe her bullshit rhetoric or you’re a coward who refuses to accept the truth even when it slaps you in the face.

Either way Thorpe, I have what I wanted.  Doom has acknowledged me, he knows I’m coming for him so I have no more need for a pathetic welp like you.

So wallow in your self pity as you destroy the one pure thing you have left. Watch as I come for everything you hold dear and prove your father was right.

Here lies CJ Thorpe, Ripped and Torn apart a fool who never knew what the Right Thing truly was.