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The Similarities of Alvin and Max

The Similarities of Alvin and Max

Imagine you found a gun laying in the middle of the road. You wouldn’t dare pick it up, would you?

If you said no, then you’re smarter than a rival arms dealer I once knew. His name was Alvin, and he took pleasure in finding discarded or stolen weapons and selling them back to people for a high price.

He often stole from the owners themselves just to sell it back to them for a quick credit, but today was one of his luckier days. At least that’s what he thought.

Turned out finding that pistol would be the biggest mistake he’d ever make, and what would get him sent to the lowest level of Arcadia.

The APD were looking for a man that murdered a high ranking official with that very same weapon. Al, in his infinite wisdom, smeared his fingerprints all over the murder weapon and incriminated himself.

They didn’t believe his alibi that he “just picked it up.” Not when his set of prints were the only ones they found on the gun.

I’m not sure what happened to him after his arrest, but the fact that he hasn’t returned means he’s either dead or still down there, rotting away in some torture chamber like I am.

I’m getting big Alvin vibes from you, Max. You claim you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we all know that’s a big heaping pile of bullshit.

You got a sick pleasure from the power and credits you received after dressing like an inmate and beating the shit out of whatever poor sap happened to look at you funny.

It was only a matter of time until you fucked up and found yourself locked in there with the rest of the jailbirds, and by Zeus did you fuck up.

You just happened to pick up an outfit of someone that belonged down in Deathrow. The Hood didn’t believe you when you claimed that you’re a prison guard and you “decided to wear it to beat up some prisoners.”

Not when that jumpsuit fit you like a second skin. Besides, who in their right mind puts on a random inmate’s uniform they found in the middle of Zeus knows where?

A complete fucking idiot, that’s who. Honestly, it’s a miracle that you weren’t detained by mistake sooner with how often you started shit with the rest of the prisoners.

You picked up the proverbial murder weapon and got your prints all over it. As a result, your dumbass paid the price by being sent down here with the rest of the filth of Arcadia.

Red Hood did half the job for me. now it’s just up to yours truly to finish it and make your life truly miserable, just like those inmates in that prison you guarded.

Only an idiot would believe that you’re walking out of this fight without a scratch, Max. I hope for your sake that even you’re not that dense.

Viva la revolution.