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The Road

The Road

Imagine yourself on the highway, just an open stretch of road between yourself and your destination.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, you take it because it’s the fastest route between point a and b.

Regardless of the reason, there’s peace about the trip. No red lights, no stop and go traffic, no dealing with local traffic, you only have to drive and be safe.

So you drive and with a safe easy drive like a long highway trip, your mind begins to wonder and your body is in the car but your brain is somewhere else.

That is, unless the road forces you to pay attention. some days it be mild, little rumble strips where people commonly speed. Other days, you can feel where roads were mended but not fully fixed. Lastly there’s the stretch that the government has forgotten, potholes dot the road like stars dot the sky.

If you don’t notice them or hit certain ones, forget driving on the highway, you won’t be driving at all.

These simple trips on the highway aren’t unlike the lives we live every day.

We all have the same destination at the end of the day, whether there’s extra stops after it. isn’t up to us. However, the route we all take to get there vastly differs and the conditions of the road were decided long before we got there.

At first, the road is smooth as silk, every day is easy and for the most part, it feels like someone else is doing the driving. As you get older, you finally get your hands on the wheel but distractions surround you, you don’t know how your parents could deal with this every day, plenty of days you’re angry at the world and want to drive into oncoming traffic. Countless distractions will be there but the road itself will still be pretty smooth. As long as you focus and look at what’s ahead, you’ll get through this stretch of life.

Once you get past that phase, the next part isn’t too bad, the road gets some speed numbs and is rough in small spots but it’s not meant to stop you, simply slow you down, as long as you don’t take certain exits, you’ll be fine.

The next phase is the one we’re currently in, Sir Bellator, all those bumps before couldn’t have prepared us for this route, we both took the road less traveled. The difference is the person who gave me the ability to get here is gone and the rare experiences he had off the exit of OSW were the reason this was his final exit.

I had no guide on how to get around here but I did pretty well for myself, it wasn’t until I took instructions that I got into accidents, I became the passenger in my own life and I’ve reached my final exit because of it.

You don’t have to, remember where your father and Solomon ended up at their end, don’t follow the same route.

I’m jumping out of the vehicle known as Vayikra.

You can too before you crash and burn for eternity.

Sir Gable