The Rabbits and The Fox

In Luther Grim, Promo by Luther Grim

There were once three rabbits caught in the crosshairs of a cunning fox.

The first rabbit believed that his sheer aggression and violence could overpower the fox. Blinded by his own arrogance, he failed to see the consequences of his reckless actions.

The second rabbit would always try to manipulate others into completing tasks he was too fearful to attempt. He saw his companions merely as pawns in his own survival game, using their strengths to further his own agenda while leaving them vulnerable.

The third rabbit considered himself to be far superior and indispensable to society. He believed that his intelligence and supposed importance would shield him from the fox’s clutches, failing to grasp the danger that lurked in the shadows.

In their deluded minds, those three rabbits considered themselves untouchable, convinced of their superiority over the fox. They believed that they were far more advanced, too good to be caught. Immersed in their inflated egos, they felt invincible, certain that capture was an impossibility.

You see, Blacktooth is an eager rabbit, much like the first one. His need for conflict and violence knows no bounds. His eyes gleam with a ferocious hunger, ever ready to wage war upon unsuspecting creatures. He relishes in the chaos, delighting in the turmoil he creates. Blacktooth is a creature consumed by his own thirst for strife.

Aarman Fidel is a sneaky rabbit, much like the second one. He employs deceit and guile to manipulate others, attempting to entice me into fulfilling tasks he himself is ill-equipped to handle. His sly nature seeks to ensnare me with the allure of the hunt, tricking me into placing myself in harm’s way, sparing him the perils that await.

Colt Ramsey is a presumptuous rabbit, much like the third one. He perceives himself as an indispensable cog in the machinery of society. His heightened self-esteem leads him to think that his editorial contributions is what keeps the structure of Arcadia intact. Colt believes himself to be a pillar, but yet, he lacks the wisdom to see beyond his hubris.

You see, Aarman, Colt, and Blacktooth, those three little rabbits, they feel as if they can outsmart me. They masquerade about, as if me capturing them is some impossible feat. They prance around believing that they are beyond my reach, similar to those rabbits of yore. But you see, I am the ravenous fox waiting patiently to deliver them to their inevitable end.

Come Sunday, there will be no way for them to elude me. There will be no den for them to hop in, no refuge that they can take. When the sun casts its golden rays upon the meadow, I will pounce upon them with a ferocity they couldn’t prepare for. I will chase them through thicket and thorn, across rivers and valleys, until they are ensnared in my grasp. I am going to dismantle their very existence, tearing their heads from their bodies and rending their forms asunder. Soon, those three little rabbits will discover their fate: that they are nothing more than mere prey, destined to become dinner for the voracious fox. 

It’s hunting season.