The Pieces Of Resurrection

In Promo by Ethan Bird

He will come again in Glory to judge the Living and the Dead.

*A candle is lit, casting a glimmer of light upon his face*

Years have passed since his name was uttered, gone are the days in which his name was spoken in the shadows, forgotten but still feared he remains.

But the world should have known, he would once again rise. He would once again return to stake claim to the world that had forgotten him. His name, again striking fear upon all of those who hear it. His presence once again casts a shadow that can not be eclipsed.

He is Risen.

He is resurrected.

But he does not return for childish games, for everything Ethan Bird has done was always calculated. Like a finite equation that the common man could not solve. The mind of Ethan Bird is a puzzle that the common man fails to understand.

Certainly, it begs the question… “Why now?”

“Why a resurrection of a God, to face a man such as Jigsaw?”

The common men of this world, this place, need to be reminded of their roles in Ethan Bird’s world. They need to be reminded that before the chaos, before the deaths, before the many Gods that attempted to rule… there was one. He did battle with the legends who walked this place years ago and each time he took a small piece of them. Their blood, their sweat, their tears.

But you see, there was always one. A maniacal mastermind, a manipulator who Ethan Bird watched from afar. Jigsaw and Ethan Bird were like two ships passing in the night, the stars never aligning perfectly to find out who the true Villain is. It’s a rare sight, that of admiration from Ethan Bird, but Jigsaw is not the same as most common men from OSW…

There are times however, that we must destroy those that we most admire. Like Ethan Bird once buried away the possessions and vanity of the world he once coveted, Jigsaw will be buried at OSW Forever. Just as Ethan Bird once killed the love of family and friends, Ethan Bird will kill his admiration and acceptance of Jigsaw.

Though, he should feel honored. For he was the reason Ethan Bird was resurrected, an opponent worthy stand across from the greatness of Ethan Bird. Jesus was resurrected to save the people, to show his followers the way to Heaven and everlasting life. Ethan Bird was resurrected for a different reason. For he is not forgiving or gracious. But rather violent and cruel. Ethan Bird does not promise entrance into Heaven, but rather an introduction to pain and torment Jigsaw could have never dreamed. Ethan Bird is no man’s savior, but rather the destroyer of men.


Jigsaw, you’re the last piece for Ethan Birds. Your blood. Your sweat. Your tears. They are the completion of Ethan Bird’s OSW puzzle.

After OSW Forever Jigsaw, you’ll have no choice but to…


And the world… it will always