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The Pen


The Pen

Once upon a time, there was a pen that thought it was the most important pen in the world. It was made of the finest materials and had been used to sign many important documents. The pen was proud of its accomplishments and believed that it had the power to change the world.

One day, the pen was approached by a group of corrupt advisors who wanted to use it to pass a law that would benefit them. The pen was flattered by their attention and agreed to help them. The advisors promised the pen great wealth and power if it would help them get what they wanted.

The pen was thrilled at the prospect of being so important and eagerly agreed to help the advisors. It signed the law without reading it, believing that it was doing the right thing. However, the law was actually harmful to many people and would cause great suffering.

You consider yourself to be the most important pen to have ever been forged, Damien. You have the ability to create and change laws with a single stroke. In a sense, you have the power to make and take lives. In that, the laws in which you create could have an everlasting effect on the world as we know it. And you revel in that. 

To some, the authority and responsibility of being a pen could be overwhelming. But you take great pride in being the pen you are, because it provides you with a sense of power, Damien. It provides you with a sense of meaning that you had never felt before in your miserable life. You thrive in having such leverage and authority. But as powerful and as formidable as you think you are, the truth is that you are nothing more than a pathetic fucking tool!

You see, as a pen, you are meant to symbolize freedom and intelligence. Aren’t you, Damien? You are meant to symbolize the power to take action and make decisions. Yet, you have always found yourself being manipulated at the will of a higher power. Every law that you have ever written was controlled under someone else’s discretion. Every word that was inscribed – every stroke that was made – it had nothing to do with you. And everything to do with the person wielding you!

Come Sunday, I am going to prove that you are nothing more than an instrument, Damien. An ineffective tool that I am going to manipulate at my very will. Because once I have my hands wrapped around you, there is nothing that can be done to save you. There is no law that can be written, or legislation that can be passed to prevent me from dismantling you. Piece by piece! 

The achievements you have earned in your life will mean nothing once we meet, Damien. The status you have attained in Arcadia is insignificant. Because in the eyes of The Hunter, you are nothing but a cheap utensil. And at Clash, I am going to discard of you once and for all. 

It’s hunting season!

Luther Grim