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The Mirror of Valheita

Close your eyes.

I see a mirror. 

But this is no ordinary mirror, no. 

A lavish mirror set in a forgotten room. Surrounded by the bones of countless souls that had found it.  

No ordinary mirror, because it is said that this mirror shows only the deepest most desires of the heart. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

A lonely man staring into the mirror sees himself in the embrace of one that he had been pining after from afar for some many years.  

An unrequited love, to a beautiful young woman well out of his reach. But as he looks into the mirror, he can see how his life could have turned out if she had only known he existed. 

If he could just convince her. 

Hours turn into days, turn into years. 

And he sat at the mirror, wishing… hoping… wasting away. 

For in truth, the vision of the mirror had blinded him. He wasted away what pathetic life he could have mustered staring into the mirror, playing “what if”; as many before him had, and so many after him will continue to do. 

They see the mirror and ignore the bones surrounding it. They dwell on unrequited dreams and are blind to reality. 

It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live. 

What do you see when you look into the mirror, Felix Foley? 

Your little friends? 

Potentially, you see them in the mirror as you see them in your head. Characters of your own mind, come to life. A conversation sparkling with the joy of your own company. 

But your reality is far more lonely, for yours is the only company you truly understand. 

Does the mirror show you your fans of days gone by? 

The children. Once your fans, now driven into the arena to witness the violence that is Olympus. Potentially, you see their faces, still eagerly tuning in to Foley’s Funhouse. Zeus has ensured that these realities lie shattered before you. That Foley’s Funhouse is no more. 

Yet, like the fool that sits in front of the mirror, wasting away life and sanity, you cannot accept the reality of unrequited dreams. 

That they never really cared about Foley’s Funhouse in the first place, did they? 

I once looked into the mirror, and it showed me a path unlike any other. 

Not a path to true happiness, for such pursuits are frivolous fantasies lain out by the mirror to trap victims. 

Life is pain to be endured. 

Eyes that can be so easily misled must be blinded, so that the inner eye can see. 

Blind men need no mirrors.  

So I can see what you do not, Felix Foley. 

That you waste your life staring into the mirror. Step into the arena, pave a new path with your fifteen seconds of Fame instead of wishing for the past. I come to shatter the mirror and reveal your reality. 

That you’re a blind fool, wasting away in the hopes of your misguided dreams. 

Turn your eyes away from the mirror that blinds you. 

Mirrors are fraught with lies.