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The Mirror

The Mirror

In another world, one far and distant from this place, there stood a house. The house sat atop a small hill over looking a meadow, much akin to something you would see in the movies. But this home was more than it had appeared to be, there was something different something magical about this home.

On the top floor of this house at the end of a creaky long hallway there was a room. This room was empty and dark, but in the center of the room stood a mirror. No one knew where the mirror came from, the stories say that after the home was built, the mirror just appeared. Never moved, it remained in the same place for centuries.

Many people think that mirrors are only for the most vain amongst us, to gaze upon their own beauty. It is said that some spend hours in front of them, obsessed with their reflection, their own beauty. But I personally believe that a mirror is the gateway to the soul. Standing in front of a mirror, just you and your reflection there is something raw about that, it strips you down to your core. A mirrors see’s you for what you are, it see’s what we hide away in the darkest places of our mind. It see’s you, it judges you.

But the mirror in the old house, it was different. It was said that this mirror was special. It had the ability to show you the future. For generations people would travel from miles and miles away to gaze upon this mirror hoping to see their own futures. As you well know not all those who gaze upon the future will like what they see.

Burned Man and Mannfred Curze your future will mirror that. For what lies in front of you of you at Clash is the face of vengeance, defeat and an undeniable pain.

It is said that a pair of travelers once arrived at the house and after spending some time in the room, with the mirror, they exited angry and afraid. These travelers felt that if they destroyed the mirror, this house, that would someone change their future, somehow alter their fates.

So those travelers engulfed the house in flames and the fire raged for days, laying waste to the home until one day, the skies above opened up extinguishing the fire with rain. The travelers looked upon the burned ruble in horror as what stood above the ashes, the debris, was the untarnished mirror.

You see, future and fate is inevitable.

I am your mirror, for I see what you wish others not to. I see you both for what you are and I judge you for that. And like that mirror, once our war ends, once the flames are extinguished, I will be the one standing untarnished. I will be the one standing above the destruction with my hand raised in victory.

I see you both for what you are.

At Clash, you’ll see The true face of Vengeance is the skull.