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The Masowillow

The Masowillow

Have you ever seen the masowillow flower?

Golly, it’s so beautiful.

In the springtime, it blooms, growing so tall and strong as it basks in the glow of the brighter Arcadian lights, and the gentle touch of the air condensers.

But as summer comes, and the Pantheon turns up the lights and the heat, the masowillow begins to wither and fade, its petals falling to the ground one by one as it’s unable to be what it wished to be.

By the time autumn comes, the flower’s remains are scattered across Arcadia, their memory just a sad song lingering in our hearts.

The winter brings the cold, and all mourn the flowers that once were, wishing for just one more opportunity to see them.

But as the seasons turn, the flower is reborn once more. Strong and vibrant, ready to bloom.

Death is just a part of life, just like the changing seasons are part of Arcadia. It can be sad, frightening, even painful, but it’s necessary.

Because without death, there can be no rebirth.

Everybody wants to control life and death, don’t they?

Bird Face is like the spring, blooming as he grows higher in the courts of the world. His deft touch acts like the masowillow, bringing joy and beauty into those who are sick and dying without it.

James Jackson is the summer, a withering reminder that sometimes one just cannot be what they wish they were. No matter how much he wants to be Max Rijen, he will never be him.

In the autumn, you can hear the sweet lullaby of the Singing Telegram. When you hear it, you know that the death of winter approaches, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Speaking of winter, the Mummy lives in eternal winter. Always mourning the family he lost, wishing for another opportunity to see them, he cannot see that something better is on the horizon. For all he has lost is all he will ever have.

But gosh, that’s the thing, isn’t it?

Just because death is a part of life doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly.

Each of those men’s obsession with death blinds them to the beauty and value of life.

Bird Face saves people from death, but doesn’t appreciate the preciousness of his gift.

James Jackson believes that by shining brighter, that he can stop his petals from wilting, but all he does is make them fall faster.

The Singing Telegram may sound nice, but his obsession with song keeps him from respecting what he takes away by singing it.

And the Mummy is only able to look back at what he lost, but once the flower wilts and dies, it’s not coming back.

Forward is the only direction.

Because the masowillow flower teaches us that life and death are interconnected, and that each has its own value.

It’s a reminder to cherish the moments we have in life, as they are fleeting.

People don’t last, but memories do.

It’s just a flower, silly.

Just take a picture, it’ll last longer.