The Man Who Cried Wolf

In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””][/edgtf_dropcaps]here was once a man who decided to make himself important. To do this, he would amuse himself by claiming that the end is nigh. If people wanted to avoid their end, they just needed to listen to him. 

Citizens on his level of Arcadia would come rushing to his side, listening to every deceitful word he’d speak. He would convince them that doom is around the corner and in doing so, he’d rally them to that end. He would provide them with the so called tools to fend off their inevitable demise.

The first time the citizens listened to this, they had no reason to doubt him. They had no reason to believe he wasn’t speaking the truth. So, they listened. They did as they were told. They enhanced his importance and allowed him to aide them.

But nothing happened. 

The next time he called for their attention, they came running once more, giving into his self-importance, but nothing happened. 

Finally, when doom finally arrived upon their level of Arcadia and he frantically called upon them for aide, no-one came. The people of Arcadia had heard and seen enough, so they stayed away. He was alone and it was here that he met his end.

You’ve done everything in your power to make yourself important, haven’t you Stubbins?

You’ve spent countless hours convincing the men and women of Olympus and Arcadia that you have all the answers. Whether you’ve helped Zeus halt his end by meddling in the mind of Colt Ramsey, or by passing a sheet of music onto El Mariachi Muerte, you’ve been spelling out your importance in abundance.

These people have come running to you, at every turn, and they’ve believed in your rhetoric. You’ve told them that their end is near and if they just do as you wish, if they just do as you tell them, you can prevent it from ever happening.

Only, nothing really ever did happen anyway, did it?

And not only have you lost your title, but you’ve lost the faith those people held in you.

No-one believes you anymore.

You went from being important, to insignificant, the moment El Mariachi Muerte took the OSW World Championship from you. Those people you claimed to have aided, realize now that you’re nothing but a fraud.

You’re alone.

You cried wolf to these people in hopes of convincing them that they needed you. They did as you asked. They’ve done what you’ve said, yet nothing ever came of the things you claimed. You have nothing and no-one.

But one thing you’ve said to those people is true…

Because you’re right, the end is nigh.

For you.

But never fear the end, Stubbins Doom.

The end is where we meet.

And I will send you on your way.