The Lucky Trail

In Promo by Knick Knack

Did you know there is a path that not even a dog could sniff out?

A road hidden behind the view of everything you see, no matter how keen your eyes may be.

It is not a trail you can find on purpose.

This trail, one can only stumble upon.

The Lucky Trail.

And sitting at the end of it?

The largest pot of gold in all of Arcadia.

You know, even the sight of it has driven those walking the trail mad with lust and greed.

Too it has driven mad those who have heard of the trail, but cannot find it.

I must admit there have been times, though they are as rare as spotting a leprechaun, that an expert tracker, or renowned explorer, stumbled upon this trail and began meandering down it, unaware of what they would find.

You see, this is a path that you never realize you’re on until you’ve reached the end of it.

These were men who were used to taking a few lousy credits to guide people into dangerous terrains.

And then, right before their eyes, enough gold to buy the entirety of the known world.

Truly, they go mad right before my eyes.

For they never once consider that if they’d take a few credits just to guide others through danger, just how much danger they have guided themselves into for all this wealth.

You see, the pot of gold at the end of this trail, lad?

It belongs to the Lucky Charms.

It belongs to me.

Drewitt, you are no different than the others.

More skilled, perhaps.

But no less greedy. And no less unlucky.

Whether you like it or not, you’ve stumbled onto the one trail in all of Arcadia you’ve never walked.

The path to all your dreams coming true.

The Lucky Trail.

But of course, those who stumble down it aren’t so lucky, are they?

Because it’s not just gold they find at the end of it. It’s not just dreams.

It’s me at the end of it. Me, and all their wildest nightmares.

All your wildest nightmares, Drewitt.

And this is the one trail you can’t just change directions. The compass rose spins round and round. For once, you are not in control of the direction you are taking. For once, it’s not that mangy mutt leading the way.

The ficklest mistress guides you now.

Luck guides you.

And unfortunately for you, she stays on my side.

So come, Drewitt. Come because you have no choice. But do not speak. You have no say in the matter. And don’t you dare assume, because on this trail nothing is guaranteed. Bring your dog, because I am hungry. Bring some water, so I may drown you. Do not delay, for there are Olympians just behind you, stumbling down the very same trail you are.

The trail to me.

And lastly, remember. The gold at the end of the trail is mine.

I’m just lucky, Drewitt.

And you, unluckily, aren’t.