The Legend of a Hungry Man

In Promo by Ether

“Me and my grandfather Dante don’t have much in common, but we both have bottomless stomachs and an appetite for glory that neither of us could satiate.”

“In his glory days, he would devour whatever morsel landed on his plate. From the smallest of fries to the biggest of burgers, nothing would be leftover in his wake.”

“The same went for his opponents in the ring. Nothing and nobody could stand between my old man and his goal of getting that belt. One by one, people would line up to get their asses kicked by the Hungry Man. One by one, they all fell at his feet.”

“To him, everyone that wasn’t his friend was just another meal for him. If you dared to get in his way, prepare to be swallowed whole and shat out the next morning.”

“Lots of people thought they had what it takes to take my old man out. They too had a burning passion for that belt grandpa Dante was going after and thought their fire was greater than his hunger.”

“Some of them tried to invoke the will of the lord to assist them in defeating him. Others attempted to straight up fucking kill him in the ring so his death was the only thing recorded in the books.”

“Everyone that stepped onto his path believed they were fated to defeat him and take that next step towards making history. They wanted to throw a massive party over his fallen body to celebrate the good times that were surely coming.”

“But the good times never came. Their fiery passion was snuffed out and all that remained was a lingering feeling of failure and despondency. Their prayers went unanswered and the only mark they left on history is the imprint they left on the ring.”

“Their hopes to become God of the new world are dashed before they even got off the fucking ground.”

“My grandfather might not be around anymore, but his legacy lives on through me. I can’t think of a greater way to honor him than to climb the same ladder of success he did in his career.”

“I’ve devoured my fair share of meals here in OSW. Sure the food might’ve fought back, but I managed to swallow them whole and kept them in my belly where they belonged.”

“Five more quick snacks think they can stamp out the Wallace family legacy. These appetizers believe they have what it takes to keep me from the briefcase that hangs high above the arena, just waiting to be eaten by yours truly.”

“Their fire and faith might’ve carried them this far, but the party ends here. The only thing they’re fated to do is write their names next to the list of stars that failed to take the greatest meal of all away from yours truly.”

“I will invoke the spirit of my grandfather and ram through you all to get the main course. This hungry girl’s gonna eat and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”