The Lamp

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“Many of nights in the lower levels of Arcadia, many people will go starving.”

“Unable to produce the credits needed to put food on their tables.”

“A lot of the time, this will force some of those people to scavenge for food by any means necessairy.”

“There once was a young girl.”

“She hadn’t ate in nearly a week, the growing hunger causing her stomach to ache with great pain.”

“She had spent most of the night hoping from dumpster to dumpster, digging for any morsel of food.”

“Instead, she found something much more. There in the bottom of the dumpster was a tarnished golden lamp.”

“She had not seen anything like this before, but surely she could turn it in for enough credits to feed herself for a few nights. She dug the tarnished lamp out and used her tattered shirt to wipe it clean.”


“A dusty cloud pours from the lamp, giving the young girl a startle. She couldn’t believe her eyes once the dust settled..”

“Because before her eyes was a Genie.”

“The genie explains what he’s here to do; grant her three wishes.”

“However, after her third wish.. the genie would be sent back to his lamp.”

“But that didn’t bother the young girl from the lower levels. She had needs. She needed food, water and a place to lay her head.”

“She made all three wishes right then and there.”

“And the genie had to oblige. He made the girl’s wishes come true and with a second poof was sent back to his golden prison.”

“A few months ago, the doors to Olympus had opened.”

“And with those doors opening, a genie has appeared.”

“Aarman Fidel.. The Wishmaster.”

“A man who has promised to grant the wishes of others.”

“I’m the man who now holds your tarnished lamp.”

“And I’m the man who holds your destiny within the palms of my hands.”

“I’ve made my wishes.”

“I’ve wished for a poor soul to toy with, and I was given Jackson Cade.”

“I wished for one of his loved ones to stroll by, so that I could take him captive long enough to prove a point. I was given Senior Specialist Riggs.”

“And I wished to dominate in the Invasion match. I might not have won, but I was the force to be reckoned with.”

“But a wish master is only to grant three wishes. I’m all out of wishes.”

“This week at clash, I’m coming to send you back to your small imprisonment. I’m here to send you back to the depths of the lamp you’ve crawled out of.”

“Because there’s no room in Arcadia for false hope.”

“Which means there’s no room for the Duke of Desire in my work of art.”

“My needs have been met, and now there’s no need for a wishmaster.”

“I have exhausted all three of my wishes, meaning it’s time for you to dissipate back into your prison.”

“There’s only one devil around here, and you’re looking him in the eye.”

“And this devil doesn’t need a tarnished lamp for his gallery.”