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The Kraken

“My grandfather used to tell me a story..”

“An old wise tale, fictional at its core but the moral was one that has stuck with me for many years..”

“In another world, there’s an island. This island harbors many tourists. Each of them spending their life savings of credits to travel to this beautiful land.”

“As the sun set on the horizon each night, many tourist would rush down the pier along the shoreline.”

“There, they would be greated by an old ferryman.”

“For just a few more credits, you could board the old man’s ferry and he would take you out onto the water surrounding the island for a peaceful, relaxing night.”

“But that’s not all. You see, The Ferryman also had another job. The island and all of it’s wonders only exist due to The Ferryman’s decisions.”

“Because each night, The Ferryman and his co-captain would look over the passengers one by one. Together, they would decide who lived and died that night.”

“Just as the island itself disappeared along the horizons, the ferry boat would come to a stop.”

“Those chosen few that would selected to die that night would be brutally attacked. They would be knocked over the head and tossed overboard. Left as sacrifice to the kraken that threatened the island and everything that belonged to The Ferryman and his right hand.”

“For years, the old man acted as the judge, jury and executioner of the island.”

“But the longer that this went on, the more the word began to spread that less and less of the tourist returned from this maginificent island.”

“As you could imagine, this meant less and less sacrifices were given to the kraken.”

“Until there were no more lives to hand over.”

“One foggy night The Ferryman set sail out to the usual spot in an effort to plead to the kraken.”

“The kraken had other plans for The Ferryman. Despite his failures, the sea monster still hunger for the lives of others.”

“That night, The Ferryman and his right hand would never return to the island.”

“The story ends with a strong word of advice. You can only tiptoe your own grave for so long before you slip and fall in.”

“You can only tempt death so much, until it’s fed up and takes your life for it’s own.”

“I am that death. I am the hungry kraken that lies in the waters of Arcadia..”

“It’s a matter of time before you run out of sacrifices to the seamonster, Tombstone.”

“Soon, very soon, my hunger will growl for your soul.”

“This week when you sail out to meet me at Clash, remember one thing..”

“You dug your own grave.”

“You’ve played judge, jury and executioner over the lives of others for far too long.”

“You’ve tempted the jaws of death with the taste of blood that you cannot continue to provide.”

“Trouble boils in these depths. And when you approach this week, I will thrash the ferry you sail in on.”

“And I will swallow you whole.”

“With the stroke of my brush, you shall become my next masterpiece.”

Jasper Redgrave