The Journey is the Destination

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“Life is a journey, not a destination. The journey IS the destination.”

There are two types of people in this world. Those that take the highway, and those that take the winding road.

Highway dwellers are obsessed with but one factor.


They are interested only in reaching the destinationAt all costs.

You are such an avid follower of destinations, Deathnote.

The pages in your book dictate time, space and even the method that marks the end of one’s life journey. You’re a Shinigami, so it is but your very nature.

You care not about the journey, but only how and when it will end.

Your book is full of nothing but destinations.

To you, the end justifies the means. Because it is all that matters in the pages of your notebook.

And as long as your destination is clear, it covers any manner of sin the journey may accumulate.

Your obsession with life’s destinations is embedded into your very fiber, oh soulless demon. For in that book you find your entire identity. It is an obsession you share with those you share the ring with, Deathnote.

They too seek the destinations of life above all.

Has Sigil not proven time and time again that no matter the cost to anyone around him, his eyes remain fixed on the road ahead that leads to his own destination?

Seek the crystals, gain their power. No matter who you have to stab in the back to achieve your goal.

Has Zero not been so focused on reaching his destination, that he neglected to see the troubles of his past catch up with him until it was too late?

Corvus shares a similar ethos, albeit on a different side of the proverbial coin. The Black Hand dictates his destination and he acts accordingly. Unwaveringly.

The end always justifies the means.

Because to men like you, what happens along the way matters not… Only the destination.

I am no highway dweller. I ride the winding road.

I serve the one who sees life as more than the finality you observe.

I serve the Lord of the journey.

For it is not in reaching the end, but HOW you get there that matters.

It is not time that drives those of thew winding path, but the richness of life’s experiences.

The content of a man’s heart is measured as much as his actions. I serve the one with the power to judge the journey upon reaching that destination.

I pave the path for his return journey.

I have my mission, my destination is foretold. But I understand the journey it takes to get there.

The upbringing and tutelage of the elders, my father.

The wisdom of Sir Vant that guides the journey.

And it is a journey that sees you in my path, Shinigami.

Look up from your book long enough to see that the path to your destination passes through a roadblock that threatens to derail your entire journey.

I am that roadblock.

And you are but a bump in the road of my journey.