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The Ion

The Ion


All beings of all different realms require it in some form. Without it, progress halts and life itself comes to a standstill.

It was no different for my people.

We were primitive, required little. But as our species expanded and progressed, so too did our needs. So too did our quest for energy. We desired more and more. The very quest that has killed countless planetary systems.

From even as a hatchling, I could feel the energy pulling at me. The call. I knew not what it was at first. As I attuned to the call, it began to lead me.

I found myself drawn to a cavern, leading deep within the surface of my world. There, the energy was palpable, screaming. But a voice called to me, quietly, piercing the call of the energy.

Imagine an endless source of abundant natural energy. Sustainable. Perpetual. An undying electrical form. Imagine finding the fount of the ultimate energy.”

It was here I saw my first Ion crystal. Glowing with the same energy that called to me. The voice gave me a warning before I could touch the crystal.

What you have here is both a gift and a curse. The gift of ultimate energy will be the shining glory of your people. But will also be the source of the greatest pain. The greatest secrets of Ionica are yours; unveil them at your own risk.

The greatest gift indeed would become the greatest curse. That is my world.


For only by possessing the gift that the rest of the universe sought above all else were my people truly able to see the nature of all. The greed that truly drives them.

No matter the species, they sought the same thing. My gift.

First, they came to strike deals. They tried to buy veins of Ion Crystals. By the droves, we told them the same thing.

Our world is not for sale. 

So their friendships soon turned nasty. Handshakes turned to fists and we soon found ourselves at war.

They invaded, bigger and stronger than we ever could be. Try as they might, slaughter as they would, they always left empty handed.

For my gift is my own, and I will fight to the death for it. Realm after realm, I have defended my world against them all.

A perpetual, endless war over perpetual, endless energy.

Yet, my people are those that live in harmony with that energy, a symbiotic relationship. It exists as part of us, and we as part of it.

We were once oblivious, primitive and unaware. Times were happier back then. Back before I possessed what everybody desired. Ignorance truly is bliss.

But what has been done cannot be undone. Progress cannot be unbuilt, and we all must live with the path it paves for better or worse.

That is Ionica’s fate. It has become my destiny.

I will fight till my dying breath to protect the Ion.

Because the Ion is mine and I intend to keep it.