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Come one, come all…let me spin you a yarn.

In our fine world of inventors and machinists, we largely keep to our own little corners.

We serve the needs and desires of our towns and cities.

But once a year, all of our communities get together for the Great Fair!

It is a season to celebrate progress, as creators show off their finest crafts for all to witness.

I have seen many a fine machine in my years of attending the Fair.

And every single one of them inspires me to dream bigger.

To aim higher.

Why, just this past Fair we had a cracking event!

Strangers from beyond the stars gave us a visit.

A true sight to behold.

You see, on Machinima steam is king.

The steam engine was for centuries the driving force behind every bit of machinery you see.

Vehicles, weapons, the whole nine yards.

We’d heard of worlds that relied coal and other fossil fuels, and we would laugh our heads off.

Coal, oil, that is finite and limited…but water is forever.

But these visitors showed us something far greater than we could ever imagine.

Renewable energy sources we’d never seen before.

Powering gadgets beyond our wildest dreams.

It just about brought a tear to my eye, so it did.

Such feats of technology, so close to us…and yet, so far.

For these strangers would not share the gadgets, or indeed the fuels to power them, with us.

We were deemed too primitive for their needs and desires.

So, just as quickly as we were introduced to these long-hidden secrets, they were taken away from us.

But the inspiration remained!

So awestruck were we at the Fair that, when returning to our cities and towns, many of us set out to build something on par…nay, superior…to what we bore witness to that fateful night.

And believe you me, the challenge of creating something that advanced powered by a steam engine has its share of thrills and hardships alike.

But we are nothing if not inventive.

It’s in our nature.

So, we tinkered away for months on end, until a select group of us met back up for an invention exchange.

I was amazed to see what my fellow machinists were capable of.

We all rose to the challenge and then some.

Ah, what a time to be alive.

Trains with wings that could move large groups through the sky in minutes, rather than hours.

Rifles that use beams of light to tear through armor.

And as for me, a fine blend of transportation and weaponry.

A bird of metal, that can get me across a metropolis in mere minutes.

But the real trick lies in its ability to…exhaust the steam, as it were.

Truly a milestone of ingenuity from Mr. Mortimer Sterling.

And all to prove to those strangers that we know what we’re doing.

We are prepared to show the might and power of Machinima.

When the gears get turning, you’d best get running.

Mortimer Sterling