The Gordian Knot

In Promo by Sigil

“The Gordian Knot.”

“A ball of endless strands of twine wrapped around one another, forming a large tangle that was just begging to be undone.”

“It was said that whoever could undo the knot would become ruler of the land on which it stood.”

“Many men and women from far around came to test their mettle against this problem.”

“Some bit and clawed at it, trying to force it open by brute force, only making it tighter in turn.”

“Others dug their fingers into it and tried to pick it apart strand by strand only to go mad as the pieces of twine seemed to multiply in their hands.”

“It seemed impossible to undo it as the line of possible rulers slowly began to dwindle.”

“However, near the end of the line stood a single man waiting patiently for his turn.”

“Everyone watched as he approached the knot, examining it for a mere moment before reaching to his side…”

“And drawing a blade as sharp as the knot was complex.”

“He swung his arm downwards, cleaving the knot in twain!”

“All the twine fell to ribbons at his feet.”

“The Gordian Knot sliced in two.”

“The problem answered in one swift motion.”

“OSW is a lot like a knot, isn’t it?”

“We have a plethora of stories and paths all tangled into a cosmic snarl of anger and deceit, so many problems all tied into one tightly packed ball without an answer in sight.”

“And as Wrestle Heroes dawns on us once more, we have all lined up in a futile attempt to undo that ball of twine with the intention that whoever is successful ends up with the OSW title clung tightly around their waist.”

“Some like Grimwolf may approach the knot with ferocity. He’ll rip and tear at the strands but with every piece that comes loose, ten more tighten in their place.”

“Those like Viper may try and snake his way towards victory strand by strand. But even a mind like his will find itself reeling at the near infinite levels of complexity before him.”

“All of OSW, our stories, our hopes, our dreams, are bound tightly before us as we enter the ring for Wrestle Heroes.”

“Every single one of us trying and failing to untangle the knot and claim the prize we believe we deserve.”

“I’ve watched OSW from the start. I’ve seen the knot form and I’ve seen the many hands try to answer the problem the knot represents.”

“I do not just want to rule OSW, I don’t simply want the title.”

“I need it.”

“With the reality stone as my blade I shall shape the knot as I see fit.”

“I will slice through the entire roster to create my perfect world.”

“In one fell swoop I will end every story in front of me.”

“Cleave a thousand pathways with the flick of my wrist.”

“I’m untangling the knot.”

“Answering the problem.”

“And claiming my rightful place as the OSW Champion.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”