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The Good of Arcadia

The Good of Arcadia

When I stole weapons from the APD, I was doing it for the good of the Arcadians.

I was going to supply it to revolutionaries that would actually use them to protect the common folk. They needed to have some semblance of safety from Zeus’s personal henchmen in the police force.

Naysayers would tell you that the uprising are a bunch of jealous nut jobs that want the Baron’s position of power for themselves. They say that the rebellion would burn down any and all levels of Arcadia in order to get what they want.

I’ll tell you right now that I wouldn’t go to Death Row for people that want to take the throne for themselves. These are good people that simply desire change in the way things are run around here.

We wouldn’t torch any level that we didn’t think deserved torching. We wouldn’t take innocent lives in our crusade against Zeus if we can help it.

We aren’t like Prometheus, who would do all those things again in a heartbeat just for the sake of spitting in the ruler’s face one more time.

You were jealous of Zeus and his position in Arcadia, so much so that you stole Olympic Fire and burned down who knows how many levels in a fit of envious rage.

You knew that doing what you did for the better of Arcadians was bullshit. Fuck, everyone that heard it knew that was bullshit.

The reality is that you used them and your drinking problem as an excuse to go ham and burn everything and everyone to the ground. You incinerated the common folk and their livelihoods for the sake of venting your anger against the Baron.

The worst part about it is that you don’t regret what you’ve done in the fucking least. You drink your cheap whiskey not in sorrow, but with pride in your felony.

You’re no better than the APD. You abused your allegiance with Zeus to torch the people of Arcadia with your newfound weapon of mass destruction.

At least the police pretend they’re doing something for the betterment of Arcadians. You did what you’ve done solely because of your own self interests and desires.

You could’ve used what little braincells you had left and supplied the insurgency with a much needed weapon. You could’ve joined our cause and provided much needed protection for the common folk.

Instead, you chose to endanger everybody and set the world ablaze all because you were jealous of the Baron and his iron grip on Arcadia.

Many people want to see you dead. Luckily for them, there’s a chance that they just might get their wish.

Red Hood has booked us into a fight together this week, and for the good of Arcadia and everyone in this rotten prison, I’m going to do what Zeus didn’t have the balls to do in the first place.

I’m going to kill you.

For the good of all Arcadians, your head will be on a pike by the time I finish with you.