The Game

In Promo by Zero

“Imagine thinkin’ you’re the smartest cunt in the fuckin’ room.”

“I sat down in High School to play Chess against this absolute dickhead of a kid who thought he knew everything. When it came to Chess, he owned the board.”

“Fuck, he owned the school.”

Me? I wasn’t all that great at Chess but I’d heard this mother fucker talkin’ about how he was smarter than everyone else and how no-one even came close to his intelligence and somethin’ in me snapped.”

“I sat down with this prick and he made his moves, crushing me at every turn with a big shit eating grin on his face. He thought he was the big swingin’ dick and when he took my Queen and started mockin’ me for it, I decided enough was enough.”

“That’s when I picked up the chess board and smashed it over that mother fuckers head.”

“Smarter than me, eh?”

“A smart mother fucker wouldn’t have sat down with an ordinary cunt like me, that’s for sure. A smart mother fucker wouldn’t have smiled a shit eatin’ grin at me. A smart mother fucker wouldn’t have taken my queen and had the sheer balls to mock me for it.”

“That little cunt ended up in hospital.”

“You ended up in prison, bitch.”

“But if it wasn’t for Luke FUCKING Storm, you would’ve ended up in hospital too, mother fucker – don’t even doubt that shit for a second.”

“You see, you think you’re the fuckin’ smartest man in this place; and you sat down to play chess with me, with a shit eatin’ grin all over your face.”

“You beat my crew at every god damn turn. You made us look stupid; you damn near killed us every chance you got. You sent those pussies Jet Set Radio after us too.”

Then you took my fucking queen.”

“And made yourself a King off of my back.”

“Now I’m done playin’ chess, mother fucker. Now I’m gonna take the god damn board and snap that cunt right over your fuckin’ head.”

“I’m gonna beat your ass black and blue, because I don’t need to win at the intelligence game.”

“I don’t need to be smarter than you.”

“I just need to be fuckin’ dangerous.”

“And if you had any smarts whatsoever, you’d have never stepped foot in OSW, never got in my face, never played a fucking game with me and never took my fucking Queen.”

“You did all those things, Simon.”

“You wanted to play a game with Zero.”

“You wanted a little one on one time with a bad mother fucker.”

Well you about to fuck around and find out.