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The Flood

The Flood

In the shadowed corridors of a labyrinth, a man roams.

“Behold,” Grimskull bellows, his voice a storm of fury, “the maze of existence, a tortuous path woven by the deceitful hands of fate. Within its confines, a tale unfolds—a dying man, a pawn in the grand design of the merciless.”

The labyrinth is more than mere stone and mortar. It’s a living, breathing embodiment of the man’s inner turmoil, a mirror to his tormented soul. Each corridor held the whispers of his past, the screams of his regrets, a relentless reminder of the life he led, a life now gasping its final breaths.

“In this maze of despair, he wanders,” continues Grimskull, his words like venom. “A lost soul, searching for an escape, a redemption that will never come. For he is pursued, not by a beast of flesh and blood, but by an entity far more sinister— a relentless flood, the embodiment of his own insatiable desire for dominion.”

The flood, dark and unyielding, surges through the labyrinth like a ravenous beast, its waters a black mirror to the man’s own ambition. The man runs, his heart pounding in terror, knowing that with each passing moment, the pool draws nearer, an inevitable end to his wretched existence.

“And so he runs,” snarls Grimskull. “But what does he flee? It is not the flood he fears, but what it represents—the realization that he, in his quest for power, has become the very monster he sought to conquer.”

The labyrinth transforms from a prison into a reflection of the man’s own mind, a maze from which there is no escape. With each step, the flood inches closer.

“But hear me, for this tale does not end in despair,” Grimskull’s voice softens, a sinister calm in the storm. For in the heart of the labyrinth, a transformation awaits. The dying man, consumed by the dark waters, will emerge not as a victim, but as something more.”

As the flood envelops him, the man suddenly cries out, his eyes turning purple as the realization hits him like a bolt of lightning, searing his very soul.

“This flood,” he says, “it is Conquest personified—relentless, unforgiving, devouring everything in its path. We are but fools in its wake, believing we can escape its grip.”

Out of the still waters, Grimskull’s violet eyes shine, staring unblinkingly into the abyss.

“We seek to conquer, to dominate, to impose our will upon the world,” he growls. “Yet, in the end, it is we who are conquered. This flood, this relentless force, it is the truth we refuse to acknowledge, the destiny we cannot escape.”

“And so, the dying man becomes Conquest,” he said, his voice dripping with disdain. “Consumed by his own ambition, a slave to the very power he sought to wield. In seeking to control, we become the controlled, puppets in a grand, cruel game.”

The water grows calm, enveloping him in its cold embrace. “In this labyrinth of our making, there is no escape, only the harsh truth of our own nature. We are Conquest, and Conquest is us.”


“Embrace it.”