The Fishermen

In Promo by Sir Renault

A brave young fisherman who aspired to take the world by storm rowed out to sea in hopes of catching the biggest fish known to man.

He cast his rod the first time and felt a tug. Surely this must be the big one, he thought! But it was only a clownfish, so he unhooked it and the fish laughed at him as he tossed it in his bucket.

He cast his rod a second time and felt a bigger tug. He reeled it in, and to his chagrin it was only a squid! There was already a hook in its fin and an eye was missing, a sign it had been caught before. It sprayed ink all over the fisherman’s face as he tossed it in his bucket.

He cast his rod a third time, and as he waited for the big bite a storm swept up around him. Soon he, his boat, and his game were swallowed by the sea, never to be seen again.

The fisherman was so focused on chasing his dream that he didn’t notice the nightmare grabbing him by the dinghy.

A self proclaimed big game hunter who aspires to take OSW by the balls entered the Slaughterhouse in hopes of catching the rarest and finest specimen in sight.

He first set his sights on a magical rabbit. When his dangling carrot finally got a nibble, he sprung his trap but it was SeeSaw who was waiting for him in that net instead.

Predator became prey, and soon Chip found himself as the hunted when SeeSaw unleashed his brutish brother SeeHulk on the Slaughterhouse. And lo and behold, cat and mouse will ironically share the stage this week together.

Now that SeeSaw has Chip in his grasps, Chip has turned fisherman and ventured to the sea, having caught himself a rare pirate as a second cohost this week. But what Montana doesn’t realize is The Nekken lives within that tortured soul, and the inherent danger that accompanies him could very well drown him.

See, there’s a pattern here Chip.

You love the thrill of the hunt so much that you’re blind to the reality of what’s unfolding around you.

Setting traps, going fishing, you’re looking for the next big, shiny package that’s dangling in front of you without realizing you’re being played.

Just like that fisherman in the sea who was so fixated on catching the big fish, you’ve neglected the warning signs around you.

For there’s a storm brewing at High Voltage, and this force of nature known as Vayikra may have to rain down upon you, your clown, and your Nekken, engulfing your little dinghy and swallowing you down into the depths of the abyss forever.

Or, if you desire, we can reel you in from the rapids, and save you from yourself by breaking that vicious cycle of yours before you fail to capture your target once more.

It’s time for you to stop chasing tails, mate, and instead follow the light and capture the biggest game there is: the spirit of Yahweh.

We can be your fishermen.

Just give us the word.

Deus vult.