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The Feeding Line

The Feeding Line

Me brother and I live under the shadiest of branches – the underground where blokes fancy bloodshed.

‘Round here, people will do just about it all – if not for the dime, for the loyalty of a leader that’s not ‘fraid to get his hands dirty and lead the crowd far and away from whatever fookin’ muck they’d managed to get themselves stook in.

In their aimless states, it’s the devils in sheep’s clothing that baits them with intimidation –

He fookin’ leads them straight into his bloody prarie, and drains them everything they have until there is nothing but –

Intense loyalty.

Because when the devil’s ya’ by the throat, mate – you’re simply another boy in the feeding line –

Just’a waitin’ for that bell to ring – where the waste feasts on the wasted.

Such a tragedy, that – we watch from afar and want to do everything we can to get them out of their own heads – be themselves – be who they are –

But they aren’t who they are they anymore.

When asked to run – they run.

When asked to kill – they kill.

When asked to eat – they eat. 

Well, fuck off with any of that bullshit loyalty. The only thing intense about is the thought that people have turned into that.

Especially when you think about me brother and I – two little leprechauns looking for every goddamn pot of gold that’s out there

But we’re still here, aren’t we?

And we certainly aren’t in that feeding line, nor could we give an eternal, raging shit about your cowbell.

Me brother Knacky? I follow him – and he follows me.

Beyond that, we follow nothing else but the gold.

It appears – you’re in the way of that.

Well let tell you, lad – me brother and I have taken on far bigger scores of drones than the likes of you and your blood-running skeleton crew.

So let me explain how our intense loyalty goes.

Knacky and I are going to follow our feeding line – which starts with one us violently havin’ our way with your bottom half, while the other makes a fuckin’ mess of your top half.

And this isn’t the kind of loyalty you’re gonna like, Tooth Rot –

This is going to be a state of rebellion – a blatant, bloody disregard of your tremendous appetite.

What a laughable idea – two wee little cunts takin’ out a cannibalistic killer – but the way I see it – it’s the two of us against you.

Only you.

Somethin’s… missing here.

Oh, the intense loyalty of that skeleton crew of yours.

In a life that so often includes being surrounded by a bunch of broken patrons of our great Arcadia, you’re suddenly all by yourself.

Fortunately for you mate, our loyalty is in your way now.

You’ve spent so much of your life being the devil – the one that beats.

That was, until you met The Lucky Charms.

You won’t see the end of this rainbow.