The Debt of Desire

In Promo by Kpavio

“I once knew a young lady, she was beautiful and passionate. She would light up any room she entered, like a ray of sunshine first thing in the morning. I admired from a far, never knowing her, never speaking to her.  I watched over the years as she shrunk and melted away as though that same ray of sunshine had been cast upon a block ice.”

“She had always wanted to be an actress and she had finally received her big break. But instead of joy, she was stoic. I watched as she forced smiles and false giggles for all of those around her, something was different, something had changed. She looked like a prisoner in her own mind and body, something was consuming her, slowing eating away at her bit by bit.”

“As her star began to grow even larger, so did her resentment to the world. How could this be? How could a young woman, once so full of passion and joy, who was living the very dream she had as a child hold this much resentment.”

“One night I followed the young woman unbeknownst to her. I watched as she ventured higher in Arcadia, arriving at the door of a very rich and powerful man, her movie producer. He yelled at her, threatened to take everything he had given her away and then forced himself upon her.”

“She screamed.”

“She cried.”

“I couldn’t sit ideally by and watch this happen.”

“Never to be seen again, the young lady was finally free to live her life as she had once desired.”

“Sometimes the price of what we desire is too high. Blinded by the end result, we overlook the cost it will take upon us, the debt. We forget that one day that which we once desired may be the end of us. For debt is the slavery of the free. Our one desire, our one true want should always be to remain free in this life.”

“This is what you’re doing Draco, praying upon the very desires of those who frequent your store, robbing them of their freedom. You’re a parasite, just like the thousands of others that have come before you and the thousands that will come after you. You’re a common cold, unoriginal and easily cured.”

“Once the young lady was cured of the parasite that had been infecting her, it was as though the sun had come back upon her face. Gone were the days of self wallowing and pity, for she was free, she was no longer infected. I was the antidote she had needed and I’ll be the antidote Arcadia needs, freeing those on your ‘ledger’ from the sickness you cast upon them.”

“I am the ocean drowning you when you can’t swim. I’m the brick wall in front of you when you’re barreling towards it out of control.  To you I am invincible for there is nothing I want, nothing I need, nothing I desire.”

‘All I want, all I desire is Vengeance”

‘And your blood’