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The Deal for Power

The Deal for Power

It’s one thing everyone desires: Power. Yet, so few are willing to do what is necessary for it. It takes a will made of iron to pursue it, to navigate the landmines that come with the territory.

But the tiniest secret can crumble the most powerful of fortresses. The wrong person hears your secret, or you cross the wrong person, you say the wrong thing, you make the wrong deal, and whatever power you have obtained is swept out from under your feet. If you’re lucky enough to still be alive when that happens, you may have the ability to start again. A name tarnished can always be cleaned for the right price, the right promise.

The desire for power can blind everyone, even the most hardened person can be taken advantage of by a more savvy power broker. It’s happened before, it will happen again.

But you know all about that, I’m sure. You’ve been the centre of so many people’s desires, that power has been one you’ve helped fulfil more than once. These people fooled into believing they had a greater power hovering over them. Watching, waiting for the right time to assert this power. To watch everything they’ve ever held onto crumble because the wrong person knows that little piece of information you never wanted out.

You are that power broker, aren’t you? You know what everyone seeks, their deepest, darkest desires. You know what it takes to have that power in hand, to have that influence on people.

You’ve crumbled so many powerful people here in Arcadia with what you know. Everyone fears you, so you wield the ultimate power over them. They cross you, they don’t do what you ask, what you demand… Their worst secrets are let loose, so that you’re protected and they are left holding the bag.

But I know something. I don’t fear you, you have no power over me.

But you’ve invaded my region, stolen people for someone of power and influence. It’s no secret what happens here to outsiders in the Bleak. No amount of deal or outside power can sway the people of the Bleak, or break through the fear they have of this area to willingly come here. So, what secrets does this person have to make you want to draw my attention?

The powerful dealmaker that gives everyone their greatest desires.

What happens when people see you as a coward?

Sees you afraid?

All that crumbles, you’re no longer the man behind the power of Arcadia.

You’re nothing when you have no influence over your enemy.

Your deal is crumbling when you came here, Aarman. You took a gamble only a desperate man will make.

Your power is waning and you thought maybe, just maybe, you could come to the Bleak. Steal the lives of the people here and get out without drawing my attention.

Well, here’s a deal for your power.

You fall, expose yourself for the coward you are.

And I won’t make you suffer.