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The Dame

The Dame

They said he was a bad man.

They said he was misunderstood.

But whatever they said, he needed to be stopped.

Filename: Drexl. 

When the hard number came strutting into my office, the last thing I expected him to do was to break down sobbing. It was all about a dame; it’s always all about a dame.

He said that his broad had gotten herself into a jam with Drexl; he’s a wrong number from the slums. She owed him some cabbage and was forced to work off the debt.

Whilst she was in hock to this gink, things went a little pear shaped.

Turned out, this Gorilla found his gal face down, ass up, bullet in the noodle.

That was the lowdown. 

I’ve known hubbub about ginks like you before Drexl. You prey on the weak, feeble and suffering and when you can’t do that, you create them instead. That might be jake for some people, but the minute you use iron to put a broad down, that brings questions.

That brings me.

Now I gotta ask around your can house and your cat houses, trying to find answers. Truth is, I don’t have a buzzer so people ain’t answering my questions. Why would they? They’re more afraid of you than they are me. It doesn’t matter what I can offer them, not if they’re too scared to jabber. I spread the dosh around but nothing came up. Nothing of any use, any way.

That means I’m going to come at you face to face, mano on mano and give you a chance to get wise to yourself. I know you’re gonna gas me up because that’s what men like you do, but I’m no dame in hock and I’m not short of a little geetus either.

This one is going to go off the boil quite fast and when it does, only one of us will leave with a goog for his troubles; I hear you’d like that. The blacker it’ll make you, the better. You’re a grifter, a dealer and the only things that lay down for you are the happy ladies. I ain’t no happy lady, you shmuck.

You can bring your hatchet men, your heels, and you can be as high as you like on hop – it’s all gonna end the same way for you. Hard numbers like you only end up one way in a world like ours, Drexl. It isn’t on the top the mountain with all the success in the world. It’s not as a winner.

Ace Lawton will bring you to justice.

For the dame with no name.

For Arcadia.

Because I’m Ace Lawton, private eye.