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The Cranium

The Cranium

“The skull is a complex and marvellous wonder of creation.”

“It’s sturdy in places and encloses and protects the brain, meninges and cerebral vasculature.”

“It truly is a marvel.”

“I could bop you on the top of your head with a whole variety of items and your cranial roof would do its job to protect your brain. But the protection is less about the cranium and more about the item I use.”

“Case in point – if I bop you on the head with a steel chair, your cranium will likely protect you from any real damage.”

“But if I caved in your skull with a sledgehammer, well, the cranium would shatter into many fragments and offer your brain no protection whatsoever.”

“Then there’s your facial skeleton, the second grouping that belongs to the skull. This is made up of fourteen bones, which fuse to house the orbits of your eyes, nasal and oral cavities.”

“These aren’t so durable.”

“In fact, facial fractures and breaks are extremely common.”

“A simple fall could cause a nasal or zygomatic arch fracture.”

“But whether it’s the cranium or the face, matters not so much. You see, the skull can be a weakness if you know just how much force to apply.”

“The people of this unfair and unjust land are the various bones that make up The Skull. Should I choose any one and apply enough pressure, I could bring you to your knees.”

“For you are just one thing, made of many parts, Skull.”

“And the best way for someone of my intelligence to defeat you is to intricately dismantle every part that makes you… you.”

“If Gemini were your cheek bones, I could shatter them.”

“If the Tag Team Championships were the lacrimal, the smallest bones of your face, I could rip them from you.”

“If Mannfred Curze was mandibular, I would break your teeth.”

“And if the people of Arcadia were your cranium, I could kill them all with a devastating blow that would fracture your skull and render you completely useless.”

“You see Kpávio, a skull is a marvellous wonder of creation.”

“But unlike Stubbins Doom, it is flawed.”

“At Clash of the Titans, when you stand before me in the middle of that ring, you will know that I wish to crack, fracture, break or otherwise destroy your skull. It isn’t a matter of if, when or why; it simply becomes a matter of where and how.”

How much pressure…

And where to apply it.

Your skull is a jar unable to fathom its contents – despite my best encouragement and education to the contrary. So, you’ll forgive me for breaking the jar to get what’s inside.

“After all, you know not what knowledge you truly keep.”

For I am your Doom.”

Stubbins Doom.