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The Cost of the Climb.

I climbed the Arcadian ladder from one level to the next by using my existence as its own currency.  At every rung, I exchanged a part of me for my place on that perch. 

I handed part of my life to Zeus for a step up for the comfort of living life outside of the Bleaks. 

I traded my skills for a leg up in credits and better earnings potential. 

Allowed my morality to be tarnished so that I would live on a level with the luxury of running water. 

Gave bits and pieces of my soul for the level of reputation that made me a Boogeyman in the right circles. 

Sacrificed every love, every friend, every family member I’ve ever known to keep all of it, and them safe. 

For the last few years, I resented Zeus for shoving me down on Deathrow. 

I thought I had lost it all. I felt my place was gone, but I realize now he was just helping me save my currency for this moment. 

Every step up this ladder is mine now, I’ve bought, and paid for it already. 

Gemini, you want my life force, you can have it. I can assure you my will is strong enough to poison every insect that makes up your being.  

Vision, you want my soul, go ahead take it. It’s so sullied that no light from your little prism will ever escape.  

Ramsey, you want your exposé and show me for the immoral bastard I am, everyone with a pulse knows it already. 

Finally, Narcissa, I would ask if you wanted to take my loved ones… but you may have forgotten, I know who you really are, and I think you’ve already started to do that. 

Let me paint a picture for you all, I scaled the walls of Deathrow, and I made someone else pay with their blood for me to do so. What answer will you have when I come ready to pay with my blood for every rung on that ladder? When you don’t have to face the man, but the monstrous apparition whose reputation has already bought and paid for in missing bodies? 

What will your response be? Will you run like so many before you have, as I’ve climbed these blood-soaked rungs, or will you stand, and meet your fate with pride?  

At the end, it’s really a question between whether you die tired or you go out on your shield. It matters nothing to Nobody, because Nobody cares. 

Understand that I know the price of every step, every point, every notch, every tier of that ladder we all try to climb, and I am ready to break my bank to get what’s due to me. 

I will go into debt if I need to pay the price to climb this final ladder. 

I will bankrupt myself if needed. In other words, 

I am gonna fuck myself up to get this… 

I am ready to make sure everybody misses me… 

Because in this end, I will go into Titanfall Nobody, and I will leave… Champion!