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The Cornered Snake

They say an animal is at its most dangerous when it’s cornered.

When there isn’t a chance for the thing to escape, it has only one option left. To fight for their very survival.

Take, for instance, the venomous rattlesnake. Normally it wouldn’t waste its venom on humans or much larger animals, but when the choice to flee is taken from it, it’ll make a special exception for the threat.

The same can be said for mankind too. Many people have been known to pull off some incredible shit once running is no longer viable.

I’ve seen people kill aggressors as big as buildings when all they could do is fight. They channeled their fear and turned it into quaking rage, allowing them to strike down the attacker with unfathomed strength and ferocity.

There were men and women with no fighting ability that took down crooks and crooked cops when desperate. There were children that sent would be kidnappers running after they had the kids trapped.

And in Deathrow, where the prisoners are lethal enough as is, they are doubly so when given no other choice but to brawl for their lives.

That lethality applies to yours truly as well. Especially when I’m forced to battle a fucking demon against my will.

Amataga Tuga is an enraged brute trying to find the man that killed his brother in cold blood. After he murdered Prometheus, Red Hood turned his sights towards me, someone he would love to see die by your hands.

You probably think of me as just another easy target you can batter to death, don’t you? In your eyes, I’m just like the fire bringer you fought and killed not too long ago. Well fucking think again.

I might be deprived of my arsenal down here in this prison, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a threat. My hands are just as dangerous of a weapon as any gun or blade, and they can destroy a monster like you just as well.

I’m like a cornered rattlesnake. I normally wouldn’t use my venom against you, but I’ve been left with no other option than to do so.

The Hood has me trapped between a rock and a hard place. He wants me to either give up the location of the weapons cache or die down here like he thinks I deserve.

But I will not die like a pathetic bitch. I will at least go out swinging as hard and as ferociously as I possibly can.

When we meet in at Ring of Death, I’ll give you a fight like you’ve never experienced before. One that could even make a demon shake in fear.

I’ll bite you and inject you with my venom. When it runs through your bloodstream and you feel yourself weakening, know that you’ll be joining Aleki soon enough.

Go ahead and corner me like the beast you think you are. Just be aware that you brought this on yourself when this snake bites back.