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The Case of Burning Justice I


[Felix Foley sits in the jury section of Court, alongside twelve other people… who’re all Felix Foley, superimposed in various male and female costumes.]

[Doom sits on the bench as Judge, a gavel in his hand.]

[The prosecutor steps forward.]

[Guess who it is?]

“Ladyfelix’ and Gentlefelix of the Jury,” [A suited Foley stands before them.] “The case we’re here to prove is a diabolical and dastardly scheme of brutal attempted murder.”

[He gulps.]

“The accused, Destructo Boy – James Faith Jackson Rijen and his father, Maxwell Rijen, stand trial today for their actions. Just one week ago, they attempted to murder Felix Foley in cold blood.”

[The Felix Jury gasp.]

“This father and son combination attacked him with a Kingdom Blade until bloody and if not for the actions of his best friend in the whole wide world, would have killed him.”

“You, a Jury of their peers, are here to decide what has been proven and what hasn’t been. You’re here to view the facts of this case based on the law and decide the defendant’s guilt.”

“Destructo Boy was once a kind young man. Some might even say… a hero. What transpired last week was not the young man we’d come to know. His behavior was sick and twisted.”

“He wanted to kill Felix Foley.”

“Roll the footage please, Clerk.”

[A clerk that look suspiciously like Felix Foley rolls footage.]

[Grainy CCTV footage.]

[It’s Destructo Boy and The Burned Man in the slums, talking. Destructo Boy tells his father that they need to kill Felix Foley and Doom.]


Exhibit one.

“He claimed people like them don’t know when to stop, as if they were the aggressors. Doom may have taken him hostage, but the retaliation far outweighed the crime.”

[How does he believe that?]

“They convinced themselves that the only way to be safe and make Arcadia safe was to kill Doom and by approximation, Felix Foley.”

“Then last week, the unthinkable happened.”

“Clerk, please play exhibit two.”

[A clerk that look suspiciously like Felix Foley rolls footage.]

[The footage shows Felix Foley being demolished with the Kingdom Blade. They’re about to kill him when Doom interrupts, saving the day.]

[When the footage stops, Foley looks saddened.]

“Felix Foley is a good man who has dedicated his entire life to the children of Arcadia. Destructo Boy is lost, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be found. I’m here today to prosecute Burning Justice for their crime of attempted murder…”

“…But more importantly, I want to give James Faith Jackson the chance at rehabilitation.”

“That’s what Felix Foley would want.”

For the kids.

“As you retire to make your verdict, please consider the evidence. Please consider what’s best for the future of James Faith Jackson – a child, driven to attempted murder by perhaps the influence of his demented and deranged father.”

[The jury of Felix Foley’s nod in unison.]

[The Judge Doom adjourns the court.]

Felix Foley