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The Blind Leading The Blind

The Blind Leading The Blind

There’s usually two surgeons in the operating room.

The resident surgeon is the surgeon who opens and closes the surgery. Though skill set may vary, they are in training and must be overseen by an attending surgeon during critical stages of surgery.

The attending surgeon is the head surgeon. He or she is the main surgeon, the one in charge of directing and overseeing the surgery. Their job is to guide the resident and be present for the critical portion of the surgery.

It’s imperative that the attending surgeon teaches the resident appropriately or else that resident will be at a huge disadvantage when they are to perform surgery on their own because they won’t have the knowledge they need to be successful.

In other words, how can a resident be a success without the proper guidance from their wise, knowledgeable attending surgeon?

I see two surgeons in you, Grimskull and V1sion.

Grimskull, you remind me of a resident surgeon. You open your congregations with inspiring words that inspire your followers, and like a young, brash resident you close your sermons with bravado.

But your words have been ringing hollow lately, and your followers have been questioning your skills as a preacher.

V1sion, like a wise old attending surgeon you’ve spotted Grimskull’s flaws and have taken him under your wing to teach him the knowledge he needs to hone his craft as a preacher.

You’re using your own experiences to enrich young Grimskull’s senses, guiding him down a fruitful path that will provide him the tools he needs for success in the challenges that await him.

But the truth is, your reliance upon one another is critical. For just as Grimskull relies on you for your guidance, you, V1sion, rely on Grimskull for his sermoning skills to lead masses of humanity.

And thus is your problem, Grimskull and V1sion:

How can either of you travel the path towards success if neither of you can see the way?

No amount of extrasensorial awakening or soul searching will elevate you to the heights you aspire to climb to, Grimskull.

And no number of disciples will help you enlighten the masses of Arcadia, V1sion.

You’re both blind.

You’re blind, Grimskull, to the fact that V1sion is manipulating you into fighting for his cause instead of your own.

And now you’ve lost sight of what once was your end goal.

And you’re blind too, V1sion. I can’t even offer you an intervention to bring your sight back because you, sir, have no eyes to surgically fix.

It’s like the blind leading the blind with you two.

You’re both blind to the fact that you’re at odds with one another more than you need each other.

You’re both blind to the knowledge needed to defeat El Mariachi Muerte and myself.

And you’re both blind to the path for success you need to walk to take our tag team championships from us.

It’s time for you both to endure the pain, with all of your senses.

Now take a deep breath, and close your eyes…

See you on the other side, Grimskull and V1sion.

Dr. Death