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The Blanket

It takes but a single thread.

A person’s world is their own blanket. In youth, it starts small and careful. The tapestry is very much in a stage of infancy. Small stitches get added over time, turning that small piece of cloth into a large blanket by adulthood.

As a person’s experiences of life change and mould them, the blanket changes shape. The stitches become larger or smaller dependant on the experience, and the color changes to befit their personality as it grows. A beautiful pink cloth at birth can be a blood red by adulthood, depending on the soul.

Sometimes the stitches that get put into the blanket, aren’t good. The workmanship quality is poor.

Mistakes are made.

Errors occur.

And what you’re left with is a vulnerability in the blanket that can be exploited by the right hands, in the right moment, at the right time.

After all it, takes but a single thread.

Your blanket has seen its fair share of changes and metamorphosis over the years, Narcissa. It started as a grimy piece of cloth, a dirty naked pale in color, tinted by the darkness of your family profession. You sought to change that. As the cloth became the blanket of your life, you added beauty to it.

You became a member of Zeus’ trusted cabinet. You were his personal designer and were thrust into the upper echelons of Arcadia.

Your blanket was no longer dirty or grimy, but pristine, beautiful, and full of color and success.

Then a small stitch came loose.

A single thread appeared.

You saw the injustice of the Pantheon and Zeus. You wanted to make the world a better place and bring about change. You wanted to expose the dark underbelly of Arcadia for what it truly was and as you did, your thread became longer and longer.

Then, when you least expected it – Zeus placed his fingertips around that thread and pulled on it.

And your blanket unravelled.

After all, it takes but a single thread.

How long have you spent restitching your blanket and repairing the damage done by Zeus pulling at that thread? You’ve had to rebuild your blanket, redesign it, fashion it a new with what you are and that took time, didn’t it?

And with your blanket patched and your life on the mend, you’ve unbeknownst to you, allowed another thread to appear.

Colt Ramsey.

Your admirer has become a thread in your blanket that you neither want nor need. Despite your rejection, he continues to desire you and as that thread of weakness gets longer, you’ll be too late to stop it. See, you’ll inevitably fall for his false charms and good looks. You’ll eventually cave to his pursuit and therein will lie your weakness.

All it’ll take for your blanket to once again become unravelled is for someone to place their fingertips around that thread and pull.

After all, it takes but a single thread.

And when I pull on it…

That’ll be your end.

But never fear the end, Narcissa.

The end is where we meet.

And I will send you on your way.