The Black and Deep

In Promo by Israel Grimwolf

It has been said that, within the black and deep, lies all the secrets that man will never know. And the further in the black and deep you go, the more obscure and cryptic those secrets become.

I myself am rather privy to the blackened depths, the deepest dark and the secrets it holds. For a spell I dwelled there, and yet even I am unsure of what quality of secret remains unfounded. All I am sure of is the quantity. It is limitless. Infinite in its holdings.

And that alone, me hearties, is good enough reason to explain why man finds the black and deep so fascinating.

Secrets are powerful things to possess, and depending on their respective quality, extremely valuable as well. When man knows that if they want to retrieve a secret they need only dive into the black and deep to do so, it makes the black and deep just as valuable as the secret itself.

So it’s no surprise that when an entirely new black and deep arrived, one that was not underwater, but held in the possession of a single being, that being would grab the attention of everyone who wanted to be important, who wanted to be powerful. The man would become a sigil for both prosperity and poverty, love and hate, and even life and death, as secrets hold all of those possibilities in their grasps.

And we know how you’ve held these secrets, don’t we Sigil? Be they in that bag of yours or that crooked mind you’ve got betwixt your ears.

Your black and deep is yours and yours alone. You do not allow anyone to penetrate it, to dive deep within and retrieve one of your secrets. They are yours and yours alone to possess. Yours and yours alone to distribute. Yours and yours alone to wield like a weapon.

You and the Nekken are a lot alike, Sigil. Controlling and possessive over your black and deep domain because without the secrets they possess, neither of you are anything more than a couple jackasses who should’ve died long ago.

But just as the Nekken you made yourself a parasite unto your own black and deep. You leech off the power of the secrets you keep, the ancient artifacts and crystals, the knowledge you acquire. So much so that if one ever desires to obtain it, they’ll have to kill you first.

Though unlike everyone else you’ve encountered in your time on this plane, parasite, I desire nothing from you or the black and deep you carry in that bag and in your mind. I need not greet you on your terms as everyone else does because I need nothing from you. And though the Slaughterhouse has become synonymous with your image, make no mistake, this plane and that ring is just as much mine as it is yours.

And here, my fists and my blade are more than enough to send you to an infinite black and deep quite different than your own.