The Bestseller

In Promo by Deathnote

“It takes more than just a good idea to write a good book..”

“While a good idea might be the first step, it is also the most common.”

Everyone has a great idea.”

“It takes careful plotting to put a good idea to use and make it a bestseller.”

“It requires a well thought out storyline, one where you don’t leave any unintentional gaps. It takes focus to the finer details of your story in order to bring the reader in.”

“It demands the dedication of a mad-man, at times. Sometimes, in order to get it right, the entire process can consume one’s life.”

“It takes the ups and downs of the roller coaster known as life. The dedication becomes too overwhelming and before you know it you’re without a job, and without any real ability to pay your bills. You’re nearly on the verge of being homeless, but you’re focused on writing the greatest novel man has ever took the time to read.”

“You begin to beg and plead to those around you. You beg your landlord for an extension on the rent. You plea to your loved ones for their undying support though they can clearly see that you’re digging yourself further and further in debt.”

“Then there’s the personal struggles that you face. Kids like TGK and Wiz struggle to find their footing. An otherwise nameless face in the crowd, they have to kneel at the doorsteps of their publishers to even get a chance at being read.”

“Then there’s the Simon’s and the Seesaw’s of writers. Those who have made a decent name for themselves, but have never seemed to publish anything of substance. They’re well known, but not for their accomplishments as an author, but for that one time they had a featured article in the sidebar of a local magazine.”

“Then you have your Banzan.. your ‘Hollywood’ Luke Storm.. your Sigil. You have those who have written great things, those who have published their finest pieces, and yet no matter how many more times they try to replicate that fame, they just can’t. No matter how many times they sit down to write the next chapter of their beloved masterpiece, they can never capture that same luster than put them at the top of the charts to begin with.”

“You see, no matter what level of an author you may be, there’s still everyday struggles that you must conquer to become a best seller..”

“Even after all that, after conquering the struggles and creating a best seller, it still never really matters because there are hundreds of other works of literature to compete with..”

“In the end, only one author truly sees fame.”

“And that’s the author of life and death.”

Deathnote, God of the New World.”

“The title of my best seller is Lambs to the Slaughter..”

“Because at Pandemonium, I will open my tome once more and place the pen down on the paper.”

“The greatest bestseller of all time shall truly be written.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“The only author worthy of topping the charts that is Pandemonium.”