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The Apex Predator


The Apex Predator

I stand before you, not just a mere participant in the Double Tap tournament, but as the deadliest fucking hunter to have ever roamed the lands of Arcadia!

You see, I’ve spent years honing my skills, sharpening my senses, and forging my physical prowess into that of a finely tuned machine of destruction!

I’ve battled with many kinds of creatures throughout my journey. I’ve faced creatures much like Gemini and Blacktooth, their fangs bared and ready to rend flesh from bone at a moment’s notice. They stalk their prey with ruthless efficiency. There is no room for mercy or compassion in their hearts. They exist solely to consume and dominate all that stands in their way!

I’ve faced creatures much like Harold Attano and Jinx, driven by an innate aggression that compels them to catch and destroy their prey! If they perceive a threat to their existence, they attack with speed and ferocity, leaving little room for error or hesitation.

I’ve encountered creatures much like Scissors and Stubbins Doom, who believe the natural world is theirs, and theirs alone. They are emboldened by a sense of superiority and territoriality that borders on fanaticism! They defend their domains with unwavering conviction, seeing all intruders as threats to be exterminated without remorse!

And yet, none of them were a match for me! I’ve emerged victorious, every single fucking time! It is I who stands here, unbeaten and unbroken

Now, here we are, at Double Tap. A contest of strength and skill, they say. A test of mettle and might, they claim. Yet, there’s no one that embodies each of those things better than Luther Grim!

As I walk through the forest, the trees shudder at my very fucking approach, as if they know the unstoppable force that I embody! The wind whispers my name as it rustles through the leaves, my reputation stretching far and wide across these lands! Yet, there are still those that blindly believe they pose a threat to me! There are still those that blindly believe they are capable of defeating The Hunter!

These foolish creatures of Old School Wrestling, they are operating in a realm of misguidance! Driven by hubris and a false sense of competence. They are far too mindless to grasp the futility of their defiance! 

But nevertheless, I will indulge them! I will watch as they draw their claws, their eyes burning with fury and hunger. I will watch as they struggle to track even the most obvious prey. I will observe their pathetic attempts to try and knock me off my pedestal, but they will only succeed in further highlighting their own inadequacies!

So let them come, those feeble little creatures! Let them bring their bravest, their strongest, and their most cunning. Let them throw themselves at me in a vain attempt to assert their dominance. I will welcome them, one and all, and I will show them each the true meaning of fear! I will show them just why I am the most lethal fucking hunter in Old School Wrestling.

It’s hunting season!

Luther Grim